Live music and great food: 4 places to go in the Lower East Side!

Is the best doughnut in NYC vegan?

Mojito, pineapple, lavender sweet butter rosemary, banana peanut butter, pistachio, lemon coconut…! These are some of the flavors you will find at Dun well Doughnuts, a vegan shop that introduces itself as the best doughnut of New York City (and the world!), so of course I had to go check it out and share my experience with you guys! The first […]

Where to Eat in Honolulu: My experience at Strip Steak

One of the best things about traveling to Oahu is the endless options of restaurants you will find, from traditional Hawaiian food trucks to vegan vietnamese bistros and fine dining! So whenever planning your trip, I recommend taking some time to research places before hand and make sure to learn if the restaurant encourages you to make […]

Vegan fast (and healthy) food in NY: my experience at Terri

The other day Ju and I had lunch at Terri, a vegan fast food/restaurant here in New York! And since you guys always ask me about healthy and vegan places to eat, here is  one of my new favorites! Since we went for lunch we had sandwiches and wraps, but there is a wide selection of […]

Feeling chinese? My experience at Kings County Imperial!

The first thing I asked myself when I walked inside Kings County Imperial was…”its this a chinese restaurant?”. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, the restaurant offers an experience different from the traditional chinese: it’s cozy, classic but also modern and the atmosphere is young, vibrant and intimitate at the same time. In other words: my favorite […]

Live music and great food: 4 places to go in the Lower East Side!

Who wants to come to New York and see how the locals live, go to the trendy  bars and restaurants that they go and stay away from the cliché?  So this post is for you! I selected 5 places in the Lower East Side, one of the coolest areas and a perfect place to meet the […]

The perfect happy hour at one of the most famous rooftops of NYC!

I always say that my favorite observatory in New York is the Rockefeller Center. And it is easy for me to explain why: I can see both the Empire State Building and Central Park pretty close from up there and if you know anything about me, you know I’m obsessed with both. So imagine being able to […]

Coffee, cats and love: my experience at Koneko Cat Cafe

In case you have no idea of what I’m doing holding a cat inside a cafe, let me explain first! As the name suggests, cat cafe is a regular cafe where you drink and eat delicious food while cute cats run around freely, play with their toys or take a nap on your lap. YES! This concept came from […]

The Pennsy, one of my favorite food halls in NYC!

Penn Station, one of the busiest areas of Manhattan is the home of another amazing food hall in the city: The Pennsy. If you follow me on instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout) you might already know this, I’m always stopping by to grab a bite at Cinnamon Snail, my new favorite vegan fast food in the […]

The most famous corn of New York City!

I’ve been wanting to go to Café Habana since forever, to try their famous mexican style corn, the most famous corn of New York! But  for some reason it never worked out, I either had nobody to go with  or the line was so long that made me give up and I would always end […]

5 Restaurants To Eat In New York

Weekend is here, which means brunch, late dinner, lunch with your friends… So I selected 5 options that will definitely make you happy! From international cuisines to your favorite junk food, here are my top 5 for this week! If you want more NYC tips make sure to follow me on instagram (@marthasachser AND @blognyandabout)! See […]

Lunch at Galeria, a taste of Brazil in New York!

The other day I went to Galeria, a new restaurant/cafe/concept store in the East Village, modern and with and with a great vibe. The menu is seasonal, so from time to time I’ll be stopping by to try their delicious options again for sure! Another cool thing about it? The owner is Brazilian, so you […]

Sex And The City: 7 Restaurants From The Show in New York!

Sex And The City is one of my favorite shows of all times. The way they introduced New York to the world was so inspiring and motivated me to live here one day and as you know, this dream came true and I’m creating my own version of the series. Of course, is not as […]

TurnStyle, The Underground Market in New York!

This week I went with Cris from DIG NY to TurnStyle, the first underground gourmet market in New York! It is kind of a food court with cool and modern shops in one of the busiest subway stations in the city, Columbus Circle. There are about 20 restaurants, cafes, good NY pizza and shops that […]

5 Vegan Restaurants To Try in NYC!

I know you guys love some vegan food like me, so here are a few of my new favorite places in New York City! I’m on this journey to check new places out so if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add them to my list! If you […]

16 Foods You Have to Eat in New York City!

Yes, I did it! Since everyone always ask me what’s the best of NYC, I selected 16 of the citie’s beloved foods and places to eat! And for more New York tips, make sure to folow me on instagram @marthasachser, and on YouTube!  FOR MORE NYC TIPS DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM HERE AND HERE!    […]