The most famous corn of New York City!

The most famous corn of New York City!


I’ve been wanting to go to Café Habana since forever, to try their famous mexican style corn, the most famous corn of New York! But  for some reason it never worked out, I either had nobody to go with  or the line was so long that made me give up and I would always end up eating at other amazing restaurants in the city! But when Amanda asked me to go, I did not think twice! I invited Bel and the three of us went to Cafe Habana, to check it out!  And yes folks, it is very good. Like, it’s nothing out of this world, but it is so, soooo yummy! It has a different flavor than what we are used to in Brazil (butter and salt on top) and I would only  skip the pepper laying on top next time (you can take it off if you do not enjoy spicy food like me), but I’d definetely go back there over and over again! The order with two grilled corns costs $ 7.75. We ordered two portions and nothing else, because right after it we were eating cheesecake in another famous  place that will soon appear on the blog! But I can say for sure that a full meal there must be  soooo worth it, everything on the menu looked appetizing and people seemed to really enjoy their food! I regretted not having asked for anything else! But it’s okay, it gives me an excuse to come back soon! If you have been there, feel free to share your favorites here in the comments below! I hope you enjoy and do not forget to visit!  The space is small, so if you are hungry, be prepared to wait a bit. Ah! But if you can’t wait and the line is long, you can get the famous corn to-go right  next door! To learn more about their story, the official site is this one HERE! Cafe Habana is located at 17 Prince Street, New York, NY and there is another location in Brooklyn, one in Malibu in California and they are opening one in Dubai!!


















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