Coffee, cats and love: my experience at Koneko Cat Cafe

Coffee, cats and love: my experience at Koneko Cat Cafe

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In case you have no idea of what I’m doing holding a cat inside a cafe, let me explain first! As the name suggests, cat cafe is a regular cafe where you drink and eat delicious food while cute cats run around freely, play with their toys or take a nap on your lap. YES! This concept came from Japan, where cat cafes are very popular and has spread throughout the world ever since. I was happy to pay a visit to America’s first authentic Japanese cat cafe and sake bar, located in the Lower East Side: Koneko Cat Cafe! 

Serving artisanal Japanese-inspired menu (I took a picture of Ryu’s okonimiyaki!), you will also find a variety of cold drinks, coffee, juices (I had the watermelon one!), wines, and of course, sake! There are three spaces to interact with the cats, two indoors and one patio, where you will find the coolest wall ever and if you’re anything like me, you will wish you could have in your apartment!

IMG_2759What caught my attention about the cat cafe was the idea of being able to interact with rescued cats (they would be euthanized if the cafe along with another partner didn’t rescue them from the city’s at-risk list) and the possibility of adopting one of them. And even if I can’t bring any home, the chance to show them some love and affection before another beautiful heart rescues them is priceless.

The cafe has a modern, clean and peaceful atmosphere and they offer movie nights, study hours, wellness sessions, meet and greet with artists, private events and more!

Koneko Cat Cafe also supports other organizations and charges a fee of $15 per hour that allows you to enter the room, sit back, relax and play with the current furry residents! If you want more information, make sure to check the official website HERE!  I had an awesome time and I recommend the experience to everyone, especially if you’re a cat lover (and even if you’re not, the food and drinks are worth the visit)! The cafe is located at 26 Clinton Street. 







Photos below by: David Williams Photography

Catio Night with Tim Diet mural

Menu board and retail display

Cats in Icon 1


Cafe at night

Cat in restroom


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