9 of the Best Thrift Stores in New York

9 of the Best Thrift Stores in New York

If there’s one post that has been requested here, it’s about vintage thrift stores in New York! I always show them on my Instagram (@marthasachser), but I’m finally putting them all in one post just for you! Beacon’s Closet A thrift store with clothing and accessories in good condition, it’s worth taking some time to […]

How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

Serena turned one!! I can’t believe I’m writing this my friends…It was such an amazing ride, the best and the hardest year of my life for sure! Celebrating her life was so important to me and I really wanted to make something cute, she only turns 1 once so I thought about a theme, the […]

10 of the best thrift stores in New York City!

If I had a penny for every time someone requested a post about vintage thrift shops and second-hand stores in NYC, I’d be a pretty rich gal! I always talk about them on my Instagram (@marthasachser), but I still needed to put them all together in a single post for you guys! It’s finally here! […]

9 Special Discounts in NYC! – How to save money in NYC!

Coming to New York City? Do you live in NY? So make sure to check the post below where I share some special discounts to make your stay here even more special! Oh, before I forget…To see more of my day to day life in NYC, check out my Instagram (@marthasachser), and follow my Youtube channel. […]

Everything you need to know about the CityPASS, New York Pass and Sightseeing Pass to save money on NYC attractions!

I often get asked on Instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout) if it is worth buying one of the discount passes for most attractions available in NYC. I know it can be a little overwhelming and I feel like they are always coming up with more and more passes so, to make your trip a little easier, here […]

Where to shop for vegan bags online

You guys know I’m obsessed with bags – well, vegan leather bags to be more specific- and for years I’ve been sharing my love for MMS Brands, a website where you can shop many brands in once place, making the process of buying vegan bags easier – you can filter by brand, color and style […]

15 places and attractions you shouldn’t miss on your first trip to NYC!

First time visiting New York? I know it can be a little overwhelming so I chose my favorite 15 spots you can’t miss in the city! For more NYC tips make sure to follow me on instagram @marthasachser   and @blognyandabout. Make sure to check the best FREE THINGS to do in NY clicking HERE for more ideas!   DON’T FORGET […]


I love New York, but I can always use a quick getaway to escape the craziness and fast pace of the city to disconnect and recharge for the coming week. And how lucky am I to have done just that in the largest casino resort in North America? YES! I was invited to experience Foxwoods […]

7 places to buy electronics in NYC

You know how it works: we plan a trip to New York and we immediately start to think of all the shopping possibilities – that is, if you are not traveling on a tight budget. Provided that you are looking for a want (maybe the latest trendy gadget) or a need (your phone is terminally ill and living its […]

5 bookstores to visit in New York!

Hello, bookworms! If you landed on this article, it’s probably because you are very much into reading – so much that when visiting a new city you need to make a few stops to get your fill. New Yorkers are avid readers and it’s easy to prove my point: it only takes a stroll to […]

Customizing your own perfume: inside the Olfactory store in NYC!

Can you imagine having a perfume with a special scent that only you have? I do! The other day, walking around SoHo (ok, NoHo), I found Olfactory, a store with a super clean and bright decor that invited me in right away – part of it because it was super hot outside.  And what a […]

My New Fjall Raven bag and their NYC store

It all happened during my last trip to Iceland. Everywhere I looked… there was the Fjall Raven fox logo. Outdoors  and windy places. Downtown Reykjavik. Bars and restaurants. Airport… Coming back to NYC, it was just a matter of a few walks on the streets to see that they were also everywhere HERE! Times Square, […]

Goods For The Study – a stationary shop in NYC!

If you love stationary and pens of all kinds and colors, this is the place for you! I heard about Goods For The Study through a friend and I confess I was procrastinating to go check it out. If there is something I’m not really good at is saying no to anything related to writing: […]

Le Labo: Fine fragrances in NYC!

“We believe in the soulful power of thoughtful hands: hand-picked roses, hand-poured candles, hand-formulated perfumes and handshake agreements” . You guys know I’m obsessed with perfumes, right? And recently I received a box of Le Labo  fine fragrances with 15 scents in their famous “discovery set”, to choose my favorite one. Of course it was impossible, they all smell […]

Travel essentials: cross-body bag

I recently came back from California and this time I brought with me some of my new bags from MMS Design Studio,  a company that makes the most amazing bags using only vegan leather (and yet very affordable!). That’s how they won my heart! For this trip I wanted something small enough to walk around but still […]

Meet the vegan cheese shop in New York that will even impress meat eaters!

If you follow my vegan adventures on instagram you probably saw how happy I was last weekend! Since I became vegan I’m familiar with some vegan cheese brands I can easily find at supermarkets all over America and I was always pretty happy about it. But after I went to Riverdel Cheese in Brooklyn, cheese has […]

My Top 10 Cruelty-Free Products!

2016 was  a big year for me… Moving out, getting married, visiting all the 50 states, writing a book, turning 30 and becoming almost 100% vegan! Yes!! This was so special! I had to learn how to shop for products in a new way, read ingredients list and It was fun! Learning about beauty products for the new […]

Winter vibes with UMA

Staying warm and still stylish in New York during the winter months is almost impossible! But when you find a winter coat you love, don’t think twice, grab it before it’s gone! One of them could easily be this one from UMA New York, perfect for those days when the temperature is between 40-50 degrees. It’s […]

Christmas in NYC: gift ideas under $20 at Flying Tiger

You know when you realize it is the 22nd of December and you still don’t know what to give to that special friend or family member?! So take a deep breath and relax because today I’ll be sharing great gift ideas for under $20 that will either stand out on their own or make a […]