How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

Serena turned one!! I can’t believe I’m writing this my friends…It was such an amazing ride, the best and the hardest year of my life for sure! Celebrating her life was so important to me and I really wanted to make something cute, she only turns 1 once so I thought about a theme, the […]

Best winter activities and attractions for kids in NYC

If you are looking for the best things to do in the winter in NYC with kids, this post is for you! I know a  lot of parents worry that a trip to NYC might be too exhausting and boring to their kids. Well, the exhausting part  can be true and it also applies to […]

8 Places to Have Brunch in NYC!

Every weekend, restaurants are packed around midday… You’d be mistaken to think that’s due to lunchtime with its typical dishes like pasta, beef, salad… Weekends are brunch days, that is, a hearty breakfast with pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, potatoes, eggs cooked in every possible way, and, of course, mimosas and other traditional beverages. Brunch gathers friends […]

The Best vegan restaurants in New York City!

You know I am always exploring different vegan spots in the city and sharing my favorite ones on instagram  but since information disappears on social media, I decided to write a blog post so all my favorite places can live here forever! I can probably make a TOP 30 Vegan restaurants in NYC and this […]


It’s no surprise that New York is one of the most instagrammable cities in the world! It is full of cool places to photograph, including many restaurants and cafes. Nowadays, it doesn’t cut it to only serve good food, businesses must also create something that will stand out from the many, many options NYC offers… And […]


Bad weather catches a lot of people off-guard, making most of them fret about how “their trip literally went down the drain”. But don’t worry, this post is here to help you plan a rainy day that goes well beyond visiting museums! There is a world of attractions waiting for you in NYC. Enjoy!  Oh, […]


I get a lot of messages on my Instagram asking about restaurants that serve gluten-free dishes in NYC. Well, the list is finally here! Please note that gluten-free options are very common here, as well as  vegetarians or vegans. Even if it is not stated on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask your server about […]

5 AMAZING CRUISES IN NYC – for dinner, brunch and happy hour!

You all know how much I love taking boat rides, yacht rides, and mini-cruises on NY waters any time of year. Despite living here, I still haven’t grown bored of it, and, of course, sharing it all with you on my Instagram just makes it even MORE special!  Trips like this usually cost more than […]


There are few things I love more in life than desserts. In fact, I’m the kind of person who eagerly exchanges an entire savory dish for sweets, no second thoughts! That’s why I just had to share my 7 favorite places to get a nice dessert in NYC, whether they’re a post-meal treat or the […]

The best cupcakes of NYC!

Forget about Magnolia Bakery. Wait a minute, no…don’t forget about it, but  broaden your horizons and drool all over these other cupcake options that are just as good as  New York’s most famous cupcakes. They have unique flavors even for those who say they do not like cupcakes, will feel like trying. Here’s a list […]

NYC Best Dinner cruise – Bateaux New York – My experience and review

If you follow me on Instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout!), you already saw this but I couldn’t help myself… I had to post on the blog as well! I’m thrilled to share with you guys my experience aboard the beautiful Bateaux, one of the best upscale (yet casual and super fun!)  cruises in NYC for a special dinner […]

8 restaurants with the best views of NYC!

Many people have this expectation that NYC is chaotic, that is noisy and crowded…and to be honest some parts really are but today I’m bringing some of my favorite places in NYC to disconnect from the craziness and enjoy the view, literally!  Oh, before I forget…To see more of my day to day life in […]

11 Best Pizza Places in New York City!

Pizza is one of the first things that come to my mind when I think traditional food in NYC and there are so many options that can be overwhelming. So on today’s post I  bring you some of my favorite places! Let me know which one is your favorite!    Oh, before I forget…To see […]

Breathtaking views at The Skylark rooftop lounge in New York!

The Skylark has been for years one of my favorite rooftop bars in NYC. It is located right in midtown, steps from the heart of Times Square and despite the busy location,  it has an elegant/exclusive yet casual atmosphere with of course, breathtaking views! I’ve been there before at different occasions but this was my […]

10 most romantic restaurants in New York City!

As a restaurant lover, it is hard to share only 10, there are SO many amazing restaurants in NYC, so make sure to check the restaurant tab HERE for more options but these are some of my favorites if you are looking for a nice date night! For more NYC tips make sure to follow me on […]

Calling all coffee lovers: Starbucks Reserve is finally here!

Yes it’s finally here! If you follow me on Instagram (@marthasachser) you know that I’m obsessed with Starbucks, literally obsessed. And when I heard that Starbucks Reserve would be opening in NYC this December I was counting the seconds! So after Shanghai, Seattle and Milan, the Meatpacking District welcomed the new Starbucks Reserve where you […]

12 of the best rooftop bars in NYC!

Whenever I share a rooftop bar on my instagram stories ( @marthasachser  ) I get so many questions about my favorite ones in the city! So here it is, one of the most requested posts: my favorite rooftops bars in NYC! Enjoy!   Know before you go Rooftop bars are are but drinks and food tend to […]

The Best New York Ice Cream Shops

We all know New York is a place for foodies. Famous for having all types of cultures and cuisines spread all over its five boroughs, there is a lot to to try here. Of course you will need to eat some of the best NYC’s pizzas, bagels and cheesecakes. Nonetheless, you ought to include one […]

Where to eat in Oahu – My top 3 restaurants

On my last trip to Hawaii I made a priority to try new restaurants and have nice dining experiences, which is another thing Oahu is really famous for. There are countless options but if you don’t plan ahead of time, you might end up always wondering which one to go to, eating at a food truck or […]

Pera Soho: an oasis in the middle of SoHo!

Last week Ryu and I went to Pera SoHo, a mediterranean restaurant in, well, SoHo. And we had such a great time that I had to share the experience with you! I was so delighted with the vegan options they had on the menu and how accommodating they were with me! So for that and […]