Feeling chinese? My experience at Kings County Imperial!

Feeling chinese? My experience at Kings County Imperial!


The first thing I asked myself when I walked inside Kings County Imperial was…”its this a chinese restaurant?”. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, the restaurant offers an experience different from the traditional chinese: it’s cozy, classic but also modern and the atmosphere is young, vibrant and intimitate at the same time. In other words: my favorite kind of place, you don’t know what to expect but it turns out to be a great experience. If you’re looking for the perfect happy hour with some great food, their bar is small but does the trick and the music will make you feel like it is Friday Night in there. Ah! Their backyard is a great space for drinks in the summer and it’s where they grow some of their vegetables and spices.


The food was soooo good! I’m vegan so I was in heaven when I saw that most of their menu included vegetables! And even the mock eel was a surprise! Here is what we ordered: Wok Seared Long Dumpling,Bok Choy Potsticker, Mock Eel, Wok Seared Oea Shoot, Dry Fried Long Bean, Szechuan Cucumbers, Double Garlic Chinese Eggplant, Gulf Shrimp and Choy. If you’re around Williamsburg, take note and stop by Kingd County Imperial, it will surprise you. The adddress is: 20 Skillman Ave, Brooklyn, NY! And make sure to check their official websitr HERE! 






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