Ladybird, a beautiful plant based restaurant in New York City- Restaurant Review

Best kid-friendly restaurants in NYC!

Traveling with kids may require some planning to ensure kids will love New York as much as you do. But there is no need to worry, if you do your research you will see that it is easy to find things to entertain the little ones and most of the time, without spending a dime. […]

Our perfect dinner at Avant Garden

Letting vegetables be just what they are: vegetables. And you will see, they will blow your mind! Our diner at Avant Garden was simply perfect. We sat at the bar and didn’t miss the action and art behind each dish being prepared and served. From the rich Romesco toast ($14) with more ingredients that I […]

Ladybird, a beautiful plant based restaurant in New York City- Restaurant Review

I don’t even know where to begin! This week I had a dinner reservation at Ladybird, a vegetable bar in the Lower East Side, one of the coolest areas of NY – in my opinion. As a “vegetable bar”, Ladybird offers a variety of plant based dishes that will blow your mind, I wasn’t expecting […]

Retro vibes at Big Daddy’s Diner in NY!

As you can see, I was VERY excited to go to Big Daddy’s! From putting together my outfit and styling my hair to thinking of the cool photos I could take at this iconic NYC diner. When you pass all that, here is what this post is about: my experience dining at Big Daddy’s! Many […]

NYC: Red Bamboo, vegan comfort food at its best!

You know I am always looking for great restaurants in NYC to try and share with you. And since the demand for vegan and vegetarian options is growing, I am pleased to inform that today I am bringing vegan food at its best. I had the pleasure to dine at Red Bamboo, a cozy and […]

7 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Bakeshops in NYC!

If you follow me on instagram you know that most of the time when I’m out and about I tend to eat only at vegan places (click here and here to check some of my favorites ones in the city!). But some times in life I needed to find a good place that serves “regular” food (for my non-vegan friends and […]

Veselka, an Ukranian Brunch in the East Village!

If you’ve seen “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, then you already know Veselka. In the movie, the characters played by Kat Dennings and Michael Cera spend a crazy night in New York and meet up around 4am in this diner. Yep, Veselka is opne 24 hours, with a varied menu served all day. Their specialty […]

19 vegan restaurants worth going in NYC!

The list keeps getting longer and longer! As an enthusiastic vegan, I love sharing my favorite spots in the city and if these made the list, they have my seal of approval (not sure yet if this means anything lol). Please let me know what your favorite places are on my instagram @marthasachser  and @blognyandabout! Can’t wait to try […]

Mexican dinner at Añejo!

Raise your hands if you’re like me and can’t say no to Mexican food! Especially being in NY, the city has so many options everywhere… whenever there is a chance for some guacamole and tortilla chips, I’m in! And last week wasn’t different, Ryu and I went to Añejo, that brings Mexican food to the next […]

Seattle: Dining at the iconic Edgewater Hotel

Can we talk about Seattle again? Please! Thank you  <3  If you follow me on instagram you probably know that I spent some much needed  quality time in one of my favorite cities in the US to celebrate not only my mom’s birthday but to also write travel guides for you guys! And one of […]

3 restaurants to go in NYC

You might have seen on my Instagram but I thought they deserved special attention on the blog as well! These past few days have been crazy busy but with lots of good stuff in my tummy that I just had to share with you, I’m all about sharing the love and the calories, so here […]

Brunch with a view: my experience at Asiate!

If you follow me on instagram (@marthasachser) or snapchat you probably know that I love the Columbus Circle area in Manhattan! Whenever I’m around I am always sharing with you my best spots like this particular one I’ll be talking about today which is my new favorite “meal with a view” experience in NYC! I was invited by […]

Beer, great food and fun times at Clinton Hall!

If you follow me on instagram this is not big news to you! A couple months ago Ryu and I went to Clinton Hall, a beer hall located in the Financial District, one of my favorite places in the city. And by beer hall I do mean jenga, long tables, big TV screens playing the important games […]

Panna II: One of the coolest restaurants in NYC!

I’ve always said I wasn’t a big fan of Indian food. In fact, for some reason I said I did not like it at all. You know those kids who have never truly tried a specific kind of food but just assume they don’t like it based on one single experience? So yeah… nice to meet you! […]

Where To Eat in Honolulu – Duke’s Waikiki

Duke’s is for sure one of my favorite restaurants on the Hawaiian islands and if you stop by this one in Oahu, you will understand why. Located within steps from the iconic Waikiki beach, it’s the perfect place to have a nice meal with a great view in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner […]

Inside the Il Laboratorio del Gelato in New York!

Olive Oil, green tea and sweet potato, these are a few of the almost 200 flavors you will find at Il Laboratorio del Gelato, an ice cream lab that serves traditional but also very unique ice creams and sorbets! I was invited to take a tour of the store (yes, in the middle of the winter) and […]

Cafe Frida: The Mexican restaurant that “veganized” the menu!

Last week Ryu and I went to Cafe Frida, a traditional Mexican restaurant located in the Upper West Side that recently veganized their menu, which means, they kept the original one but added a new one using only ingredients free of animal products. And yes, Cafe Frida is a traditional  mexican restaurant that is now serving vegan […]

Where to eat in Oahu – Lunch at the famous Eating House 1849!

On my last trip to Hawaii I made a priority to try new restaurants and have nice dining experiences, which is another thing Oahu is really famous for. There are countless options but if you don’t plan ahead of time, you might end up always wondering which one to to go to, eating at a food truck […]

Meet the vegan cheese shop in New York that will even impress meat eaters!

If you follow my vegan adventures on instagram you probably saw how happy I was last weekend! Since I became vegan I’m familiar with some vegan cheese brands I can easily find at supermarkets all over America and I was always pretty happy about it. But after I went to Riverdel Cheese in Brooklyn, cheese has […]

Fish and chips, peppers, cocktails and rustic vibes at The Wren!

One of my favorite things to do is to discover new restaurants and bars in NY and share my experience with you! And when the place is perfect for a fun happy hour but it’s cozy enough for a special date, you can’t go wrong with it! So yes, this week Ryu and I went to […]