Meet the vegan cheese shop in New York that will even impress meat eaters!

Meet the vegan cheese shop in New York that will even impress meat eaters!


If you follow my vegan adventures on instagram you probably saw how happy I was last weekend! Since I became vegan I’m familiar with some vegan cheese brands I can easily find at supermarkets all over America and I was always pretty happy about it. But after I went to Riverdel Cheese in Brooklyn, cheese has a new meaning in my heart! Riverdel sells not only the “famous” vegan brands but also flavored gourmet cheeses they make themselves, all natural and soooo delicious! The kind that will impress your guests (vegans or not) and make wine or any recipe taste even better! I brought Ryu with me and he was very impressed and we both wished we could move to Brooklyn just so we could stop by as often as possible!


We had the cheese plate and was soooooo, sooooooo delicious! The flavors were rich and I can’t pick one favorite, they were all good! They serve them with  small toasts and are a great option to share! Riverdel is small, cozy but still a great place to catch up with friends, grab something to go and taste some  delicious  grilled cheese sandwiches- the best in my opinion. They also sell a lot of other stuff, basically everything I can ask for in one place: vegan meat, pastries, ice cream, pasta, yogurt, chocolate, cereal, sauces (I’m a pasta lover, so they are THE place to shop for them) and a lot more…It was a great experience, I’m used to the regular supermarket brands so Riverdel left me speechless with their natural cheeses and all the other brands you can find in there! Make sure to stop by and order both the cheese plate and their sandwiches, you won’t regret! Riverdel is located at: 820 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Click HERE to visit their website!






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