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Spinning the Roulette For cheaper Broadway Tickets!

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If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the picture I posted of my first time seeing Aladdin on Broadway! Yes, even though I love Broadway and Disney it was my first time! But I confess that two things always make me think twice before going to any Broadway show: the price and the hassle to get discounted tickets. Don’t get me wrong, I value their work and I know these production costs are no joke, but I have to admit, I can’t always afford a front row ticket and at the same time I don’t wanna risk sitting all the way in the back when using apps to book same day or last minute discounted tickets. Sooo, I’ve heard about the Broadway Roulette website a while back and it sounded too good to be true. But then I saw my friend Laura’s post about it and decided to give it a try. That’s when Broadway Roulette invited me to experience the process and give my honest opinion about it! What a better way to share my thoughts about a service then experiencing it for myself? So, after an awesome Broadway show and meeting the Broadway Roulette staff in person, I can honestly say it was worth it and I recommend it as well. And in case you are confused like I was, here is a quick overview of how the process works and how you can go to Broadway in a new, fun and exciting way!

How it works:

Broadway Roulette is a fun and easy way for people to see Broadway shows without the expense and hassles of traditional discounters.

You pick the day. They pick the show. All tickets $49-$59.

You tell them when you want to go, how many tickets you need, and up to 4 shows that you do not want to see. (For an additional $10/ticket, you can exclude 2 more shows for 6 exclusions in total.)

They then create a custom “spin” with shows that match your preferences. On the morning of your selected date, you receive an e-mail and text with your show and ticket pick up information.

Once they send you to a show, that show is automatically excluded from any future spin, which means you can go again and again and never see the same show twice!

You can pick up your tickets at the theater before the show or in some few cases, they will have someone from Broadway Roulette outside the box office to hand you the tickets. That’s usually for busier theaters, such as Aladdin and the Lion King.

At first I was confused about “selecting the shows I don’t want to see”, so this is ideal for people who don’t have a preference for one specific show only. Let’s say you just wanna see a Broadway show, any show but you have a few in mind that don’t appeal to you. Then you use the website to exclude them and let Broadway Roulette surprise you!

The Benefits

1. Less expensive than standard Broadway tickets.

2. Flat prices mean you don’t have to negotiate with your friends or relatives about how much to spend.

3. Every seat beats the list price, which means that you’re in a better seat for the amount you spent than you would be if you bought the ticket directly.

4. Tickets to a show are guaranteed. (Show lotteries are great, but your chances of winning are very slim and if you don’t win, you won’t have any tickets at all.)

5. Tickets can be purchased up to three months in advance. (Many discounters only do same-day or same-week sales.)

6. No wasting time standing in lines.

7. ALL SHOWS are included in the Roulette… yes, even Hamilton. (Most discounters like TKTS will never have the “hot” shows available at all.)

8. Gives you the chance to discover a show you wouldn’t have seen otherwise with a fun element of adventure / surprise.

9. Takes the pressure off by not requiring you to research and choose a show.

How It Started

Broadway Roulette was founded by a husband and wife who live in New York City — minutes from the theaters — but didn’t go to Broadway as often as they could ( I can totally relate!). Tickets were expensive. Picking a show took time. And hunting for discounts took even longer. They thought that if they made the process fun and easy, more people would go more often (including them!). And the rest is history!


I had a great time seeing Aladdin and didn’t have any problems in the process. The staff is around the theaters in case you need any help and they offer great live customer service via text, call or e-mail. Thank you for the awesome experience Broadway Roulette!

To learn more about Broadway Roulette and get your tickets, click HERE!

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