My Top 10 Cruelty-Free Products!

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My Top 10 Cruelty-Free Products!

2016 was  a big year for me… Moving out, getting married, visiting all the 50 states, writing a book, turning 30 and becoming almost 100% vegan! Yes!! This was so special! I had to learn how to shop for products in a new way, read ingredients list and It was fun! Learning about beauty products for the new […]

St. Marks Place, one of the coolest streets in NYC!

Street vendors, karaoke, comics shop, grocery store, bars, cheap pizza, vegan ice cream, record stores, hotel and a variet of Japanese restaurants, That’s what you’re gonna find on St. Marks Place, between 3rd and 2nd Avenues (this street changes its name from 3rd to Avenue A, it is originally the 8th Street). The street is […]

Where to Eat in Honolulu: My experience at Strip Steak

One of the best things about traveling to Oahu is the endless options of restaurants you will find, from traditional Hawaiian food trucks to vegan vietnamese bistros and fine dining! So whenever planning your trip, I recommend taking some time to research places before hand and make sure to learn if the restaurant encourages you to make […]

SIBU: A Beauty (Cruelty Free) Brand to Love!

I spent most of my life using the wrong products on my face or not thinking too much about it. Now that I’m 30 and the first signs of age are starting to appear, I decided to take action and finally do something to improve the health of my skin. And as a new vegan […]

Snow Day in NYC!

I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas in NYC but this year was a complete fail AGAIN! Luckly, a week before Christmas we had our first snow of the season and I couldn’t help myself but vlog everything for you guys on my second YouTube channel (marthasachser2) which is in english! It was fun, I went to […]

Feeling chinese? My experience at Kings County Imperial!

The first thing I asked myself when I walked inside Kings County Imperial was…”its this a chinese restaurant?”. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, the restaurant offers an experience different from the traditional chinese: it’s cozy, classic but also modern and the atmosphere is young, vibrant and intimitate at the same time. In other words: my favorite […]

All About My Favorite Subscription Box!

I looooove good surprises. Who doesn’t? And as I blogger I always receive products and presskits in the mail from brands I love with their latest updates or some of my favorite products but nothing beats the days when I get my “mistery” subscriptions boxes in the mail!  I look like a 5 year old on Christmas […]

Live music and great food: 4 places to go in the Lower East Side!

Who wants to come to New York and see how the locals live, go to the trendy  bars and restaurants that they go and stay away from the cliché?  So this post is for you! I selected 5 places in the Lower East Side, one of the coolest areas and a perfect place to meet the […]

The Pennsy, one of my favorite food halls in NYC!

Penn Station, one of the busiest areas of Manhattan is the home of another amazing food hall in the city: The Pennsy. If you follow me on instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout) you might already know this, I’m always stopping by to grab a bite at Cinnamon Snail, my new favorite vegan fast food in the […]

5 Restaurants To Eat In New York

Weekend is here, which means brunch, late dinner, lunch with your friends… So I selected 5 options that will definitely make you happy! From international cuisines to your favorite junk food, here are my top 5 for this week! If you want more NYC tips make sure to follow me on instagram (@marthasachser AND @blognyandabout)! See […]

A World of Delicious Protein with VEGA products!

As you know I follow a vegan diet so I’m always making sure that I get enough protein in my day, which is not hard to do at all, the options are endless, but sometimes it requires some planning if I’m on the go or too lazy to cook. But what if I tell that […]

My new favorite snack: Beanfields Chips!

Chips are an American favorite. 75% of all the parties I attend, be it a kids or football party, I will always find a bowl of them, sitting next to the fresh vegetables. After I became vegan I must confess that I was afraid I wouldn’t find delicious options to replace my beloved chips. Even though […]

It’s bagel time in the Lower East Side!

I’ve been living in America for a while now but it was only after I made the big move to New York that our paths crossed and we created this unbreakable bond. I’ve been trying all different kinds of bagels for the past years and adventuring myself in flavors of cream cheese that I never thought […]

Inside The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

Cupcakes, macarons, burgers, cookies, different forms of protein and compassion took NY by storm this past weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion when the anual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival took place. The event gathered thousands of vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters, all excited to learn more about what is available in the market and of course, try […]

Grocery Shopping in NY: The Delicious and Healthy Nut Butter From Wild Friends!

Many people traveling to NY for the first time ask me about the food options available here, maybe picturing a city that serves almost exclusively hot dogs, pizza, pretzel and cupcakes?! But once you arrive there will be plenty of healthy places to eat, from organic to gluten-free and many vegan spots, all waiting for […]

Dolphins, Whales and Gorgeous Sunset on Board of Captain Andy’s!

Um dos pontos altos da nossa viagem para Kauai, a ilha mais antiga do Havaí foi nossa tarde a bordo do Southern Star, um dos barcos da empresa Captain Andys. Infelizmente devido aos fortes ventos típicos do inverno, ao invés de seguirmos para a costa de Na Pali, fomos para a costa sul da ilha. […]

TurnStyle, The Underground Market in New York!

This week I went with Cris from DIG NY to TurnStyle, the first underground gourmet market in New York! It is kind of a food court with cool and modern shops in one of the busiest subway stations in the city, Columbus Circle. There are about 20 restaurants, cafes, good NY pizza and shops that […]

Eating clean and healthy in NYC: Lunch at Quintessence

You know when you eat something that is so natural, fresh and makes you feel so good that you want to go around telling  everyone about it? That’s what happened the other day when I went for lunch at Quintessence, a raw restaurant in the East Village. Yes, they serve everything organic, gluten free, vegan […]

Outfit of the Day in The West Village

Yesterday I had one of those perfect days in New York style! I met Juliana for lunch at Peacefood Cafe, a wonderful vegan restaurant close to Union Square. From there we went shopping at  UMA, a Brazilian boutique that opened last year in the West Village and we ended our day on Broadway styl,e wathcing […]

Catching up with my BFF at Semsom Eatary

I love when I have time to catch up with my friends while eating something tasty! That’s exactly how our Sunday started, with a last minute call inviting Juliana for lunch at Semsom Eatary, the famous mediterranean place that serves bowls and wraps located on the Lower East Side, one of my favorite areas of […]

16 Foods You Have to Eat in New York City!

Yes, I did it! Since everyone always ask me what’s the best of NYC, I selected 16 of the citie’s beloved foods and places to eat! And for more New York tips, make sure to folow me on instagram @marthasachser, and on YouTube!  FOR MORE NYC TIPS DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM HERE AND HERE!    […]

Lunch at Peacefood Cafe!

The other day I had lunch with Juliana at  Peacefood Cafe, a vegan kitchen and bakery by  Union Square. They have another location in Uptown as well! And wow, this place is paradise for vegan food! You will find on the menu everything from cookies to soups, everything is of course vegan and delicious! If […]