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There are many ways to make your travel plans and your trip easier in NYC and downloading the right apps are one of them! To follow my adventures and for more NYC tips make sure to follow me on instagram @marthasachser and @blognyandabout!   New York Subway MTA Map As the name says, this is the map of NYC […]

The best cupcakes of NYC!

Forget about Magnolia Bakery. Wait a minute, no…don’t forget about it, but  broaden your horizons and drool all over these other cupcake options that are just as good as  New York’s most famous cupcakes. They have unique flavors even for those who say they do not like cupcakes, will feel like trying. Here’s a list […]

My Europe itinerary – 8 countries in 18 days!

Yes,  I’m that person who wants to see the most of  anew place in the least amount of time. And that’s okay, I don’t feel like I’m  missing out on anything and with planning I was able to see all I wanted. I also enjoy longer trips, especially when I’m really on vacation (did I […]

9 Special Discounts in NYC! – How to save money in NYC!

Coming to New York City? Do you live in NY? So make sure to check the post below where I share some special discounts to make your stay here even more special! Oh, before I forget…To see more of my day to day life in NYC, check out my Instagram (@marthasachser), and follow my Youtube channel. […]

WHAT TO DO IN ZAGREB – 1 day itinerary

Croatia is definitely one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, especially in the summer, the beaches and scenic views are breathtaking! But it always bothered me why people didn’t talk about Zagreb enough. So I decided to go visit and see for myself what the capital of Croatia is all about. And […]

NYC Best Dinner cruise – Bateaux New York – My experience and review

If you follow me on Instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout!), you already saw this but I couldn’t help myself… I had to post on the blog as well! I’m thrilled to share with you guys my experience aboard the beautiful Bateaux, one of the best upscale (yet casual and super fun!)  cruises in NYC for a special dinner […]

My Harry Potter Halloween Costume Photo Shoot in Sleepy Hollow – NY

If you follow me on instagram you might know that Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I love dressing up just for the fun of being whoever I wanna be for one night (or in this case, multiple days)! So this year I partnered up with Spirit Halloween to be Harry […]

19 instagrammable places in New York!

I’m always on instagram sharing my life here in NYC and you guys always ask me for some of my favorite spots in the city to photograph for instagram! So I put together some of the most popular and some not so obvious but that make for great photos!  Oh, before I forget…To see more […]

8 restaurants with the best views of NYC!

Many people have this expectation that NYC is chaotic, that is noisy and crowded…and to be honest some parts really are but today I’m bringing some of my favorite places in NYC to disconnect from the craziness and enjoy the view, literally!  Oh, before I forget…To see more of my day to day life in […]

8 Things To Do Before Your First Trip to NYC!

Traveling to NY for the first time might be a little overwhelming, there is just so much to do, see, accommodations to book and reviews about them to read, restaurants you wanna try… But let’s start from the basics with some of the things to help you prepare for your trip to NYC!  Oh, before […]

11 Best Pizza Places in New York City!

Pizza is one of the first things that come to my mind when I think traditional food in NYC and there are so many options that can be overwhelming. So on today’s post I  bring you some of my favorite places! Let me know which one is your favorite!    Oh, before I forget…To see […]

Take a look Inside the Friends NYC Pop-up! – Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up!

Hou u doin?! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a super excited version of me on September 7th when I toured the Friends Pop-Up experience here in New York City to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary! If you didn’t catch my stories, I saved them on my Instagram highlights, just search […]

Everything you need to know about the CityPASS, New York Pass and Sightseeing Pass to save money on NYC attractions!

I often get asked on Instagram (@marthasachser and @blognyandabout) if it is worth buying one of the discount passes for most attractions available in NYC. I know it can be a little overwhelming and I feel like they are always coming up with more and more passes so, to make your trip a little easier, here […]

13 Things To Do in Doha – Qatar – The Ultimate travel Guide

I almost had to pinch myself but I’m writing this post from my QSuite, flying back to New York City on board of the A310 with Qatar Airways after two amazing days exploring Doha. I know I went a little crazy and there are probably at least two or three highlights on my instagram but there […]

Around the World Beauty: a walking tour that you don’t wanna miss in NYC! – Review

I often get asked about experiences worth your time and money here in NYC, especially for those traveling solo. So that’s why I was super excited to share this post with you, it was such a nice surprise for me and I hope it is for you as well.  Last Sunday I was invited to […]

NYC subway: How the subway works, how to use and what you need to know!

I know some travelers avoid it, some are intimidated by it…but the truth is that subway system is the  best way to go when it comes to exploring NYC. Do you wanna know how the subway works in NYC or how to use the subway in NYC? So here are some important information to make your […]

Review: Qatar Airways QSuite – Business Class on the A350 from New York City to Doha

I came back from Qatar yesterday and I wanted to write this post while the feelings and thoughts about this experience are still fresh on my mind. But as I was writing this I realized that no matter how hard one tries, this experience will be a hard one to forget… If you have been […]

A night to remember: my experience at the Speakeasy Magic

Forget everything you know about “more of the same magic shows” and thank me later! Ok, you might know by following me on instagram that there are many, many, maaany entertainment options in NYC, which makes it a bit hard to decide which ones are worth your money and time. Recently some of you asked […]

11 things to do this summer in NYC!

Yeah, the heat is real people! But so is the fun in NYC! There are so many things to do in the short 3 months of higher temperatures that it can be a little overwhelming! So to make your trip easier as ice cream on a hot summer day, I selected some of my favorite […]

Breathtaking views at The Skylark rooftop lounge in New York!

The Skylark has been for years one of my favorite rooftop bars in NYC. It is located right in midtown, steps from the heart of Times Square and despite the busy location,  it has an elegant/exclusive yet casual atmosphere with of course, breathtaking views! I’ve been there before at different occasions but this was my […]