DIY: How to decorate your room with polaroids!

Where to eat in Oahu – My top 3 restaurants

On my last trip to Hawaii I made a priority to try new restaurants and have nice dining experiences, which is another thing Oahu is really famous for. There are countless options but if you don’t plan ahead of time, you might end up always wondering which one to go to, eating at a food truck or […]

Creative Ideas to Visit New York Without Much Money 

I always wanted to see New York. Not being brought up by a rich family I sort of had to chase this dream by myself. Once I started to work I got excited with the possibilities of buying whatever I desired. Consumerism took over me. Later I realized time was passing by and I still […]

DIY: How to decorate your room with polaroids!

It’s not news to anyone who knows me that I’m obsessed with pictures! Besides being a photographer and taking maaaany pictures everyday, once in a while I make sure to print my favorite ones! Yep, forget about only displaying on social media, I’m all about displaying memories around the house! The only room that was […]

Want To Travel The World? Travel to New York City!

Want To Travel The World? Travel to NYC – by Mariana Guido @thisismarianaguido I know there’s a whole world to see, but if you want to see the whole world at once, come to New York City. I know, NYC can be an expensive destination at times, but if you desire to be a world traveler, […]

My happiness necklace by Liwu Jewellery

‘Liwu’ means gift – Small Gifts, Big Meanings. I recently got this beautiful necklace by Liwu Jewellery, an incredible designer based in Ireland who got her inspiration to create her first piece while living in Beijing, China, during a calligraphy class. As a traveler myself, I know how much traveling can inspire and change the course […]

Thailand – My stay at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok

Amazing Thailand…  yes, I was told and it was true! And I’m glad that I chose the right place to stay in Bangkok to start my solo adventure in the city. The Shangri-La Hotel is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, less than 5 minutes walking to the metro station, in the […]

16 Things to do and see in Seattle!

Wondering what are the best things to do in Seattle? So this post is for you! If you follow me on instagram (@marthasachser), you know I recently came back from the west coast and was able to visit some awesome places. Among them, Seattle, which is one of my favorite cities in the US. Mainly […]

My itinerary for 10-15 days in beautiful California!

Hey guys! If you follow me on instagram (@marthasachser e @the50statesgirl) you might know that I’m finally came back from my amazing trip to the San Francisco area. Yes, San Francisco again! I’ve been to California ten times but this one was extra special, sicne I took Ryu with me!  So I decided to share with you […]

Monterey: Where to Stay and what to do!

Monterey is one of my favorite places California! A trip to San Francisco is not complete without driving south towards Big Sur and spending at least one afternoon in this beautiful town. This time I wanted to show Ryu the best of Monterey, so I decided to stay for the night and we booked a room at the beautiful Portola Hotel & Spa, one […]

7 places to visit in Michigan!

As some of you know, 2016 was the year I accomplished my goal of traveling the 50 states before turning 30! There were so many places I was very excited to visit and some that I wasn’t expecting much and took my breath away. And of these places is Michigan, one of the states that surprised me a lot. […]

My first time in Chiang Mai – Where to Stay – Akyra Manor Hotel

As you may know, the most incredible month exploring different parts of Asia is over  and I couldn’t wait to relive the experiences I had by sharing my favorite ones here on the blog. Let me start with Chiang Mai, which was our first stop in Thailand. Chiang Mai is an incredible place, it has […]

Seattle: Dining at the iconic Edgewater Hotel

Can we talk about Seattle again? Please! Thank you  <3  If you follow me on instagram you probably know that I spent some much needed  quality time in one of my favorite cities in the US to celebrate not only my mom’s birthday but to also write travel guides for you guys! And one of […]

Mill Valley: My favorite things to do and places to visit!

Can we talk about Mill Valley today? Yes! If you follow my adventures on instagram you may know that I recently came back from California and after catching up with work and unpacking, it was time to think about the great experiences I had to share with you on the blog before I start forgetting things. You […]


  If you follow me on instagram, you might know that I’m currently taking classes at ILSC, one of the top english schools in the world. Even though I’ve been living in New York City for 7 years, I felt the need to polish my English by taking business and academic level classes at ILSC to improve my […]

Travel essentials: cross-body bag

I recently came back from California and this time I brought with me some of my new bags from MMS Design Studio,  a company that makes the most amazing bags using only vegan leather (and yet very affordable!). That’s how they won my heart! For this trip I wanted something small enough to walk around but still […]

Experience Washington D.C. like a local with Global Luxury Suites

Even though I’ve recently completed my journey visiting the 50 American states I still make time to go back to my favorite destinations, to explore new spots and of course, take more pictures! And that’s exactly what happened this past weekend when I went back to Washington D.C. to work on a series of blog posts featuring my […]

My favorite things to do in Monterey (California!)

If there is a place in the world that I love unconditionally, this place is California!  I couldn’t  resist and today’s post is a throwback to one of my last days in Cali in 2015 (!!!), driving back to San Francisco, which is only 2 and a half  hours away. We passed by Monterey again […]

10 Gift Ideas for Travelers!

As a travel blogger I’m constanly doing two things: planning a trip or buying products that remind me of my passion for traveling.  And as some of you ask me about what a bring with me on a trip, I created a wish list inspired on my adventures with items that are either very useful or […]

Bear Lake: A beautiful surprise in Idaho

On my first trip to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana I was lucky to find places along the way that weren’t in the original itinerary. I say ‘lucky’ because it’s always a good thing when you are not expecting anything and then life surprises you with gorgeous locations, breathtaking views and nice people! One of them was Bear Lake, […]

Where To Eat in Honolulu – Duke’s Waikiki

Duke’s is for sure one of my favorite restaurants on the Hawaiian islands and if you stop by this one in Oahu, you will understand why. Located within steps from the iconic Waikiki beach, it’s the perfect place to have a nice meal with a great view in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner […]

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