My Harry Potter Halloween Costume Photo Shoot in Sleepy Hollow – NY

My Harry Potter Halloween Costume Photo Shoot in Sleepy Hollow – NY

If you follow me on instagram you might know that Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I love dressing up just for the fun of being whoever I wanna be for one night (or in this case, multiple days)! So this year I partnered up with Spirit Halloween to be Harry […]

Around the World Beauty: a walking tour that you don’t wanna miss in NYC! – Review

I often get asked about experiences worth your time and money here in NYC, especially for those traveling solo. So that’s why I was super excited to share this post with you, it was such a nice surprise for me and I hope it is for you as well.  Last Sunday I was invited to […]

Where to shop for vegan bags online

You guys know I’m obsessed with bags – well, vegan leather bags to be more specific- and for years I’ve been sharing my love for MMS Brands, a website where you can shop many brands in once place, making the process of buying vegan bags easier – you can filter by brand, color and style […]

Quick Breakfast idea: Overnight Oats by Dave’s Gourmet

You guys know I’m always on the go. Or trying to squeeze time to prepare a quick meal between a pile of e-mails to answer or an apartment screaming for my attention. Anyway, anything that saves me time has been life changing lately! So I wanted to share this great products with you that is […]

My happiness necklace by Liwu Jewellery

‘Liwu’ means gift – Small Gifts, Big Meanings. I recently got this beautiful necklace by Liwu Jewellery, an incredible designer based in Ireland who got her inspiration to create her first piece while living in Beijing, China, during a calligraphy class. As a traveler myself, I know how much traveling can inspire and change the course […]

The Perfect Daily Planner!

I know, I am the crazy daily planner person! I’m obsessed with to do lists, writing goals, paper calendars and office decor. That’s why the Paperview planner was the best gift I gave to myself this year. Unfortunately they only have portuguese options available at the moment but they ship worldwide, so if you know anyone who […]

SoHo vibes: what I wore on a beautiful winter day in NY!

Can we go back to yesterday?? December 28th, the day we experienced 14 degrees Celsius in the middle of New York’s long and cold winter! So the day asked for lighter jacket, no extra layers and some window shopping in SoHo, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city! I was wearing faux leather jacket […]

All about my first Haycu Watch: an affordable timeless piece

Christmas came earlier this year! After years and years dreaming about having a watch that would be girly and cute enough but that wouldn’t give me an allergic reaction (me and all types of metal don’t get along well), Haycu made this a reality and I’ve found the perfect one! Yes, I’m talking the British created […]