How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

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How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

Serena turned one!! I can’t believe I’m writing this my friends…It was such an amazing ride, the best and the hardest year of my life for sure! Celebrating her life was so important to me and I really wanted to make something cute, she only turns 1 once so I thought about a theme, the […]

The Best vegan restaurants in New York City!

You know I am always exploring different vegan spots in the city and sharing my favorite ones on instagram  but since information disappears on social media, I decided to write a blog post so all my favorite places can live here forever! I can probably make a TOP 30 Vegan restaurants in NYC and this […]

5 cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands to try in 2020

One of the questions I get asked the most is “which vegan beauty brand do you recommend?”. So I decided to put together some of my favorite ones and some I recently discovered and am testing right now…and so far so good. To see more of my day to day life in NYC, check out […]

Where to shop for vegan bags online

You guys know I’m obsessed with bags – well, vegan leather bags to be more specific- and for years I’ve been sharing my love for MMS Brands, a website where you can shop many brands in once place, making the process of buying vegan bags easier – you can filter by brand, color and style […]

NYC: Red Bamboo, vegan comfort food at its best!

You know I am always looking for great restaurants in NYC to try and share with you. And since the demand for vegan and vegetarian options is growing, I am pleased to inform that today I am bringing vegan food at its best. I had the pleasure to dine at Red Bamboo, a cozy and […]

7 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Bakeshops in NYC!

If you follow me on instagram you know that most of the time when I’m out and about I tend to eat only at vegan places (click here and here to check some of my favorites ones in the city!). But some times in life I needed to find a good place that serves “regular” food (for my non-vegan friends and […]

My top 7 favorite vegan bags and brands and where to find them!

Time for some girly stuff today on the blog! As you girls know I’m obsessed with bags,  of any design, shape and colorl! And that didn’t change at all when I went vegan, in fact I never really owned a real leather bag prior to that, there was always something that didn’t resonate with me when it came […]

19 vegan restaurants worth going in NYC!

The list keeps getting longer and longer! As an enthusiastic vegan, I love sharing my favorite spots in the city and if these made the list, they have my seal of approval (not sure yet if this means anything lol). Please let me know what your favorite places are on my instagram @marthasachser  and @blognyandabout! Can’t wait to try […]

Cafe Frida: The Mexican restaurant that “veganized” the menu!

Last week Ryu and I went to Cafe Frida, a traditional Mexican restaurant located in the Upper West Side that recently veganized their menu, which means, they kept the original one but added a new one using only ingredients free of animal products. And yes, Cafe Frida is a traditional  mexican restaurant that is now serving vegan […]

Meet the vegan cheese shop in New York that will even impress meat eaters!

If you follow my vegan adventures on instagram you probably saw how happy I was last weekend! Since I became vegan I’m familiar with some vegan cheese brands I can easily find at supermarkets all over America and I was always pretty happy about it. But after I went to Riverdel Cheese in Brooklyn, cheese has […]

Take a look inside my Vegan Cuts Box!

February went by so quickly but I took the time to register one of the happiest days of the month: the day when my Vegan Cuts box arrives! Seriously, what a treat it is to get home and open a box filled with everything vegan, from snacks to beauty products! So of course I wanted to […]

Is the best doughnut in NYC vegan?

Mojito, pineapple, lavender sweet butter rosemary, banana peanut butter, pistachio, lemon coconut…! These are some of the flavors you will find at Dun well Doughnuts, a vegan shop that introduces itself as the best doughnut of New York City (and the world!), so of course I had to go check it out and share my experience with you guys! The first […]

Vegan fast (and healthy) food in NY: my experience at Terri

The other day Ju and I had lunch at Terri, a vegan fast food/restaurant here in New York! And since you guys always ask me about healthy and vegan places to eat, here is  one of my new favorites! Since we went for lunch we had sandwiches and wraps, but there is a wide selection of […]

Take a look inside my Vegan Cuts box!

November went by so quickly but I took the time to register one of the happiest days of the season: the day when my Vegan Cuts box arrives! Seriously, what a treat it is to get home and open a box filled with everything vegan, from snacks to beauty products! So of course I wanted […]

Keeping a Natural Glow During Winter With EcoTan! (vegan)

Winter is coming. And It will be taking away all the natural glow and tan that we worked really hard to get during the short months of summer in New York City! But no need to worry, I recently tested the Winter Skin, a gradual tanning moisturizer by EcoTan, an Australian certified organic and vegan brand that […]

My October Vegan Cuts Box!

It’s that time of the month again when I receive my awesome Vegan Cut box in the mail and share with you on the blog! Not sure what Vegan Cuts is?  It is a vegan subscrition box that delivers delicious treats and snacks (good size), makeup and beauty products every month to your door! As they […]

5 Vegan Restaurants To Try in NYC!

I know you guys love some vegan food like me, so here are a few of my new favorite places in New York City! I’m on this journey to check new places out so if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add them to my list! If you […]

Delicious Lunch at Franchia Vegan Cafe

Forget everything you think you know about vegan food! The Franchia Vegan Cafe brings the best of Asian cuisine in delicious dishes, full of flavor and beautifully presented. It was hard to choose what to order, I felt like the options were endless so I trusted our waiter who came up with incredible dishes! Some […]

In vegan paradise: Delicious Lunch At By Chloe!

Very long lines, you’re counting the minutes to order and you must wait for a table: that’s the everyday reality of those (like myself), who want to try the deliciousness of By Chloe, currently the most popular vegan restaurant, located in West Village! I’ve talked about it HERE ! Despite having opened in the summer […]

My top 3 Vegan Restaurants in New York City this Week

With the arrival of 2016 I am putting in place a goal that stood in the back of my mind for years. Gradually I’m becoming more and more interested in learning about “the vegan world”, after being vegetarian for almost 2o years now. And one thing that I learned for sure is that being Vegan […]

Weekend in Columbus – What to See and Do

This past weekend we escaped NYC for a nice family trip to Columbus, Ohio – which was voted one of the top 10 domestic destinations by the Travel Channel in 2020.Our flight was less than 80 minutes long but if we were to drive, 8 hours is the average time from NYC. This was my […]

3 Days in Montreal – Itinerary, restaurants and more!

May was such a busy month for me but I’m glad I was able to escape to Canada and spend 3 beautiful days in Montreal with HI Montreal, which is part of Hostelling International Canada, with more than 50 hostels in Canada! So today I’m sharing our itinerary and my experience staying at the hostel! I also […]