Christmas time at Disneyland Paris

Christmas time at Disneyland Paris

If you’ve been following me on instagram you might know that we just got back from our 2 week trip to Europe with Serena (my almost 2 years old daughter) and I’m sooo happy that we had an amazing experience! Don’t get me wrong, it was tiring, her schedule was all over the place, she wasn’t eating like she usually does BUT the moments we got to experience together will be cherished forever and now that we are back life is back to normal, this mama is happy!

And of course, one of the places I was super excited to visit with her was Disneyland Paris! I’m a huge Disney fan, if you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I had this life goal of visiting all the Disney Parks in the world and I was sooo happy when I accomplished that a few years ago.

It all started with Disneyland Paris in 2009, it was actually my very first time at a Disney park, so I was a bit emotional to be back after so many years and was counting the seconds to see Serena and Mickey meet for the first time!

Visiting Disneyland during the Holiday Season

Needless to say, Disneyland Paris is magical all year round but it gets even more special during the holidays with different attractions for the entire family!

For this year, starting on November 12th until January 8th you will be able to enjoy some amazing holiday activities at Disneyland Paris such as:

  • Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade – and Santa is a part of it!
  • You can not only meet and greet all the fun Disney characters but also Santa
  • You can catch the beautiful “Let’s Sing Christmas!” musical show!
  • And of course, the amazing night-time spectacular Disney Dreams! of Christmas
  • Plus all the Christmas trees, decorations throughout the park and snow falling on the Main Street to get you in the holiday spirit!
  • And if you are visiting in 2022, don’t forget to explore the Avenger Campus, a space created by Tony Stark himself to discover, recruit and train the next generation of Super Heroes. For the first time, recruits will be empowered to take an active role alongside the Avengers. I didn’t have time to go but everyone was talking about it.

Meeting Mickey

Serena loooves Mickey. So meeting him was the number 1 activity on my list! And she looooved it! She is so little but she was super excited (and curious!) when she saw him greeting other kids and then turning towards her! The line to meet and greet experience took about 65 minutes (it was raining dogs and cats that day haha) but Mickey took the time to  interact with each person and Mickey’s helpers make sure you get the photos and videos you want. She had a blast!

It was raining when we were at Disneyland but we managed to capture some moments and go on  a few rides and Serena loved the parade! Seeing Santa at the end was the cherry on top!

What a blessing to be able to experience this magic again and share this with my little one! 

If you are going to Paris, you can easily get to the parks by public transportation. We took the metro and then the train that takes you straight to the Park. It was about U$10 roundtrip per person. 

No matter how old you are, Disney always makes you feel like a child again! 

Make sure you add Disneyland Paris to your itinerary when visiting Paris!

See you next time,