Is Lovevery subscription worth the price? – My Review of the Lovevery Box!

Is Lovevery subscription worth the price? – My Review of the Lovevery Box!

One of the things I wondered as a new mom was how to find the right toys for Serena. There are so many options in the market that trying to make a conscious and (as much as possible) eco-friendly decision was a challenge.

Then one day I read in a mom’s group how great Lovevery is. I had no idea what they were talking about but immediately did my research. If you aren’t familiar, Lovevery is a toy subscription that is a game changer! I was a bit skeptical at first (who needs ANOTHER subscription in life? Haha) but after so many positive reviews, I decided to try for myself! As you can see, we are loving our Lovevery box months 5-6, both Serena and I were so excited that I’m sharing our experience with everyone on instagram but also here on the blog!

My favorite things about Lovevery:

  • The toys aren’t just random toys, they were designed by experts to help with the development of your baby’s brain. The Play Kits are fun and unique, different from all toys she has played with!
  • They are age appropriate toys, so you know exactly what to get your baby! I was gifted so many toys for Serena at the baby shower and later on and some didn’t have a suggested age to play with (gently used from other moms) or she wasn’t interested enough (they weren’t meant for her age yet) and some just ended up in her mouth! So not having to guess what to give her is a game changer and makes me feel good about it!
  • It’s easy! I love subscriptions because there is just so much in my mind as a new mom and entrepreneur that having these toys delivered is so convenient – and they offer flexibility in case you need to cancel or skip your box.
  • Less plastic! I love how most toys aren’t made of plastic and the package is made of paper, so easy to recycle!
  • You can access additional resources for information, and ideas for your child’s development and of course, ways to play with the toys and engage with your child!
  • You can learn more about LOVEVERY HERE!


There are play kits for kids age 0-3 years old! Their baby play mat is a hit!

Is the LOVEVERY subscription worth it?

In my opinion: YES! As parents say, these are the only toys your child will need and Serena is loving them. Of course she still has a bunch of toys she loves putting in her mouth and holding but they aren’t toys that challenge her in any way, so in this category I’d say the Lovevery Play Kits are the only toys she actually plays with.

I’m very happy with my decision and so is Serena! If you are looking for a toy subscription, I highly recommend Lovevery!

Have fun!



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