5 AMAZING CRUISES IN NYC – for dinner, brunch and happy hour!

5 AMAZING CRUISES IN NYC – for dinner, brunch and happy hour!

You all know how much I love taking boat rides, yacht rides, and mini-cruises on NY waters any time of year. Despite living here, I still haven’t grown bored of it, and, of course, sharing it all with you on my Instagram just makes it even MORE special! 

Trips like this usually cost more than many activities you’ll experience in NYC, but I did my best to put together some of the most popular options that’ll surely please all tastes and budgets. And if none of them work for you, at least try taking the free Staten Island ferry. There is something magical about seeing Manhattan from the water!

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If you ask me which one is the best dinner cruise in New York City this would definitely be one of them! This one has appeared more than once on this blog because I really loved the experience I had while aboard Spirit Cruises, whether in the summer or winter. Featuring options for both lunch and dinner, it’s always a pleasure to sail the New York rivers with the beautiful views that only this kind of trip could offer. Lunch rates are usually more affordable, so check all packages to find out which one fits your budget best. Learn more about the dinner cruise HERE and the lunch on HERE!


You can make your reservation directly from Bateaux/Spirit New York’s website and insert my promo code MARTHA10 to get 10% off your purchase! Click HERE to visit the official website.

One of the most beautiful parts of the night cruise is when the ship stops for a few minutes in front of the Statue of Liberty while it’s all lit up. There are always passengers celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagement, etc., so it’s a great pick for anyone who’s thinking about surprising a loved one or just wishes to get out of a rut in an unforgettable way!

The tour departs from Chelsea Pier and lasts around 3 hours. It’s kind of a perfect night with the lit up NYC skyline, a delicious dinner and a party that’ll please all ages. 

By the way, you can also add more options to your reservation, such as a flower bouquet to make the night even more special or even a private table next to the window. The buffet is open and unlimited to all passengers and offers a menu of salads, pastas, meats and desserts. If you happen to have any dietary restriction, whether you’re vegan or would like gluten – free food, they’ll prepare a personalized dish for you. To learn more, click HERE  and insert my promo code MARTHA10 to get 10% off your reservation! This also supports my blog at no additional cost to you!

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The famous Bateaux is another best-seller that offers a more elegant experience than the cruise mentioned above. There’s live music and a panoramic view of the city provided by windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling, like in the picture below. That makes for a perfect sight regardless of where you’re seated. The ride lasts about 3 hours and departs from Chelsea Piers, Pier 61.

The company offers yet more options for brunch/lunch. We always end up choosing the dinner option because I love seeing NYC at night as the buildings start to glow as the day comes to an end. Keep in mind that the night option  is more expensive than the lunch trip, however but you can use my code MARTHA10 and get 10% off. Click HERE to read my post in which I went into detail about my experience! To check out all available options, click HERE!


You can make your reservation directly from Bateaux New York’s website and insert my promo code MARTHA10 to get 10% off your purchase! Click HERE to visit the official website.

You can get to Chelsea Pier by taxi, Uber or other apps (click HERE to get my promo codes for the apps), but also by public transportation. The final stop of the M23 bus, for example, is right next to Pier 61’s entrance.


Some attraction passes include simpler tourist cruises (without a buffet), but offer beautiful views and a tour guide who’ll explain a lot about the history of the city.  I shared all of my tips on THIS post on how to pick the best attraction pass for you and save even more on your trip!


Jazz with Bloody Mary and bottomless mimosas! This is Bubbles, Beats & Brunch, a 75-minutes cruise with live DJ, scrumptious food, bottomless mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar, all aboard a yacht! Have brunch with dishes full of goodies, such as donuts, crispy fried chicken, waffles with toppings, cheese frittatas, fresh fruit and much more. Rates are more affordable than the other options on this post, so click HERE to learn more and make your reservation! I haven’t experiences this one yet but some of you loved the experience and recommended so I decided to add to this list as well!

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Sail for two hours around the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and much more, while a jazz band makes you snap your fingers and stomp your feet along to the soundtrack of the most epic brunch you’ll ever have! Come aboard a wide yacht, enjoy a pleasant cruise with a 2-hour brunch across the Hudson River and relish on the Manhattan skyline with herbal tea, newly-roasted coffee and bottomless mimosas. That’s right, bottomless mimosas!

A live jazz band will provide a smooth soundtrack for the fantastic buffet of brunch classics. To book your trip, click HERE! The cruise departs from Pier 15, River Esplanade, Pavilion 2, 78 South Street, NYC.



North River Lobster Company’s ride was once free, but nowadays tickets cost US$10 per person. The ride lasts 45 minutes, but you can spend the whole day on it if you want as long as you pay the entry fee. It operates 7 days a week during the summer with up to 7 departures a day, from 12pm to 3pm (click HERE to learn more). There’s no need for reservations, but you can purchase your ticket online HERE in case you’d like to guarantee a specific departure or are coming with a larger group. Otherwise, you’ll probably get tickets just fine on the spot. Just show up and get ready to experience Manhattan in a casual atmosphere with beautiful sights of the Empire State Building and Midtown. The ride departs from Pier 81 at 41st Street & Hudson River at the address W 41st St and 12th Ave.

Although the forte of their menu is seafood, especially lobsters, you’ll also find the classic burger with fries and a special dish selection for kids, vegans and gluten- free meals.


That’s it! Let me know which one was your favorite! Mine are the first two, I love how fancy but still casual they are! My husband and I love them and my mom counts the days for her birthday every year! Some of the links included on this post are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission for every purchase made through my link but that does not cost you more, so thank you so much for supporting my blog!



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