Are you looking for a fresh destination outside of the NYC clichés? Then you’ll love today’s post, in which we’ll talk about Sleepy Hollow, a small town in Hudson Valley that I love to visit, and some other cool places for you to check out while you’re in the area. For those who don’t know, Sleepy Hollow is considered the most haunted town in the country. It’s located about an hour away from Manhattan by train (depending on where you’re departing from), in Westchester County, NY. Turn on the lights (don’t worry, this post isn’t that scary haha) and enjoy! 

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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a small town around 48 km away from Manhattan, in Westchester County, NY. The town was previously known as North Tarrytown and earned its current name due to the famous tale of the Headless Horseman, written long ago by Washington Irving. This story has been portrayed in countless movies and TV shows, so you probably heard of it before.

Sleepy Hollow is known as the most haunted town in America, which makes it a big hit during Halloween. I paid it a visit last October and had a blast, especially because of its themed decorations and attractions. If you wish to explore other parts of New York, Sleepy Hollow is a good destination to add to your itinerary!


How to get to Sleepy Hollow?

If you’re traveling from Manhattan, I advise you to take the train from Grand Central Station to Tarrytown. The trip takes about an hour, and the landscape is beautiful. You can also take the train from less crowded areas, such as The Bronx or Harlem, if you wanna save some money on your tickets.


Philipsburg Manor

Philipsburg Manor is a trip back in time, more precisely to 1750, and there’s a (paid) tour you can take to experience it to the fullest. The property used to be occupied by European farmers and 23 enslaved africans, whose lives you can learn more about during the tour. You can also try out several pastimes from colonial America and hear old tales about slavery and the Northern Resistance Movement. It’s an interesting visit for sure, especially during Halloween, when the farm and mansion are redecorated to match the creepy mood. I posted more about the place on my Instagram stories(@marthasachser)! Philipsburg Manor is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites among tourists in Sleepy Hollow! Learn more and get your tickets HERE!
Address: 381 N Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.
Philipsburg Manor.

Philipsburg Manor. | CRÉDITO: Wikimedia


Washington Irving’s Sunnyside

Sunnyside is the residence where the writer Washington Irving (author of the Headless Horseman tale) lived during the mid-19th century. It is located in Tarrytown and is also rumored to be haunted. Despite the folklore surrounding it, its charming gardens are often the perfect scenery for a picnic and its structure is well-preserved – in fact, it feels like we’re going back centuries, and the same goes for the insides of the house. You can walk in and get to know each room while following a tour guide dressed just like Irving’s characters. It’s an interesting trip, even for those who aren’t acquainted with the author’s work.

If you’re thinking about visiting Sunnyside, I suggest you google Washington Irving’s life first, so that you don’t feel out of the loop when you get there.

  • Check ticket prices here.

Address: 3 W Sunnyside Ln, Irvington, NY 10533.

Washington Irving's Sunnyside.

Washington Irving’s Sunnyside. | CRÉDITO: Historic Hudson Valley



Old Dutch Church

The Old Dutch Church is an ancient church built out of stone in Sleepy Hollow, back in the 17th century. This church, along with the cemetery, is the site haunted by the Headless Horseman in Irving’s tale. Furthermore, it appears on the National Register of Historic Places and is known as the second oldest church in America.

Many visitors tend to mistake the church for the cemetery, once they’re located near each other. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that they are two separate places.

Address: 30 Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.



Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

Also known as Tarrytown Lighthouse, Kingsland Point Light or Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, this lighthouse is one of the coolest places to take pictures in town! I took a few and quite enjoyed the view of the Hudson River. The lighthouse operated for around 78 years, warning ships away from the dangerous shoals of fish.

In case you want to visit the lighthouse, they have good tours available for only US$ 5. Check www.sleepyhollowny.gov to learn more. And don’t worry, just exploring the vicinity by yourself is worth it, especially during the sunset!

Address: Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.





Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

At Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, you will find the graves of some remarkable people, such as Washington Irving himself, William Rockefeller, Walter Chrysler and Andrew Carnegie. I’m sure a lot of people may find it weird to go to a cemetery as a day trip, but Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is a different kind of destination where you can appreciate a lot of history along with several monuments and a beautiful landscape. In addition, during the Halloween season there are some special events to celebrate the date. You can visit the official website to check the complete schedule and tour.

Address: 540 N Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.


Headless Horseman Bridge

Incredible as it may seem, the bridge where Ichabod Crane was knocked down by a pumpkin is the most popular attraction in Sleepy Hollow! Unfortunately, the bridge you’ll find there today isn’t the one featured in the tale, that one collapsed a long time ago, but I still recommend the visit! It’s simple but it is part of the tradition when visiting Sleepy Hollow!

Address: Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.



Main Street em Tarrytown e Sleepy Hollow

A nice way to explore Sleepy Hollow is to get there through Tarrytown. The two towns are right next to each other, so you barely notice it when you cross from one to the other. In Tarrytown’s Main Street, you’ll find several good shops and restaurants, making it an excellent option for breakfast or a quick snack at the end of the day! Muddy Water Coffee & Cafe is my favorite (52 Main St, Tarrytown, NY).

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If you’re looking for a thorough experience, make sure to schedule your trip from September to November in order to explore The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in Croton-on-Hudson. Tickets are at US$ 17 per child and US$ 23 per adult (in 2019)

How do you get there? You can take the train (the Croton-Harmon Station is close to the festival) or drive for about 20 minutes. Learn more HERE!



Castle Hotel & Spa

This one has been sitting in my places-to-go list for years, but I still haven’t got the chance to stay or even have lunch there. I spent a few hours there once for a magazine event and I recommend it to those who have a free spot on their schedule!

Castle Hotel & Spa offers a beautiful view of the Hudson River and balances luxury with history well in its 31 rooms. If you’d rather not stay the night, you should at least have a meal at Equus Restaurant, which was rated as Four Diamond by AAA and excellent by The New York Times, respectively, and it is listed on Forbes Travel Guide.

Moreover, if you’re in the mood, I suggest you also enjoy a treatment at the Sankara Spa. Learn more about the hotel and the spa HERE! In order to get there, you can take a train to Tarrytown and then request an Uber to take you to the hotel.




The mansion that was once home to four generations of the Rockefeller family is open for tours Thursday through Sunday from May to November. The tours are all guided and always depart from Philipsburg Manor, mentioned above. Tickets range from US$ 15 to U$28. Learn more HERE! Besides being a trip back in time, the mansion will mesmerize you of its beautiful art galleries, gardens, golf rooms and more.

Fonte: Wikimedia Commons



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