The best cupcakes of NYC!

The best cupcakes of NYC!

Forget about Magnolia Bakery. Wait a minute, no…don’t forget about it, but  broaden your horizons and drool all over these other cupcake options that are just as good as  New York’s most famous cupcakes. They have unique flavors even for those who say they do not like cupcakes, will feel like trying. Here’s a list I personally made for you guys to try it, it’s totally worth it! Enjoy!

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Molly’s Cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes! Besides all the traditional flavors, you can mix your toppings and create your ideal cupcake! And there are options for mouth-watering stuffed cupcakes like this one in the picture! People’s favorite one is the Red Velvet, you can bet on it and I’m sure you will like it. (you won’t get it wrong!) Something very nice and important mentioning is that the company supports local community schools, reverting part of the sale to the cause. So you can eat and do a good deed at the same time! The bakery is in the West Village at 228 Bleecker Street.



Buttercup Bake Shop

Believe it or not I was flabbergasted when I heard that the famous Buttercup Bake Shop was founded by no one else other than the creator of Magnolia Bakery! Yes, Jennifer Appel opened Magnolia Bakery in the West Village in 1996 and then ventured out on her own, opening the Buttercup Bake Shop in 1999. And all the goodies they have it there are a delight! The store takes orders for events as well and  you can order it online. To try all the cupcake variations and other menu scrumptious goodies in person, there are 4 addresses, click HERE to see them all!





By Chloe

The vegan fast food chain has proven to be here to stay and is increasingly opening new addresses across New York! At West Village you will find By Chloe Sweets, specializing in assorted sweets, cupcakes and a few other classics are in every By Chloe store. The tiramisu cupcake is the most famous one and my favorite and it costs $ 3.75! My favorite store is the one in the West Village and is at 185 Bleecker St, New York, NY. See all the other addresses HERE! Photo: By Chloe



Butter Lane Bakery

Most of the options above are places that offer cupcakes but also other things on the menu. This one is dedicated exclusively to cupcakes! In addition to all the amazing different flavors, Butter Lane also offers classes (cupcake 101!) and lively private parties! The most requested flavors are the banana one with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with coconut frosting. Butter Lane is in the East Village, 123 E 7th St, New York, NY. Photo: Butter Lane Bakery

Butter Lane Bakery


Sprinkles continues to grow with 2 more addresses in New York and they also have gluten free, sugar free and vegan options! Cupcakes cost between $ 4-5. See all the addresses HERE and see the menu HERE! Photo: Sprinkles Cupcakes


Billy’s Bakery

The two friends Marc and Wayne joined in 2003 and are the owners of this incredible store, which is already one of New York’s classics and favorites. Billy’s Bakery serves pies, cakes, cookies and of course cupcakes! And these treats are produced daily and can be enjoyed at any of their three Manhattan stores: Chelsea, Tribeca or inside the Plaza Hotel. Cupcakes cost an average of $ 4. Yellow Daisy Cupcake is one of everybody’s favorite, click on the menu to see more flavors! To visit one of the stores, just click HERE! Photo: Billy’s Bakery

Billy's Bakery


Georgetown Cupcake

Since 2008 the two Kallinis sisters  have gained fame participating in Cupcake Cam LIVE and DC Cupcakes. They have opened their first Georgetown Cupcake store and the success has been so great that today they are already in Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bethesda and of course, New York! In New York the store is located at 111 Mercer St, New York, NY Visit the official website HERE! Photo: Georgetown Cupcake


Two Little Red Hens

A local favorite, Two Little Red Hens also offers other goodies like cakes, cheesecakes and pies! I talked about them and other delights that are not to be missed in New York in my New York guide! Update: they have moved! Check their official instagram (@twolittleredhens) for updates on their new location! Photo: Two Little Red Hens


Bakes by Melissa

Sim, são mini cupcakes e eles estão por várias partes da cidade, veja todos os endereços  AQUI! Recentemente eles incluíram sabores sem glúten, veganos e tem opções livres de castanhas no menu. O mais legal deles é que são perfeitos para levar para um evento ou festa infantil! Foto: Baked By Melissa

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