11 Best Pizza Places in New York City!

11 Best Pizza Places in New York City!

Pizza is one of the first things that come to my mind when I think traditional food in NYC and there are so many options that can be overwhelming. So on today’s post I  bring you some of my favorite places! Let me know which one is your favorite! 


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Bleecker Street Pizza


This is a classic and it is ranked #2 on TripAdvisor and it has won three Food Network awards for the best pizza in NYC! Wow, you have to check for yourself! The staff is friendly and there is seating available, which I love. The pizza is light, crunchy and obviously, delicious. The average price is U$3 for a plain/cheese slice. As it is a tradition, several celerities have tried the pizza as well, such as Justin Timberlake, Brooke Shields and  Steven Tyler!

Address: 69 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014.

Bleecker Street Pizza.

Bleecker Street Pizza. | CREDIT: Bleecker Street Pizza Facebook.

Pizza da Bleecker Street Pizza.

Bleecker Street Pizza. | CREDIT: Bleecker Street Pizza Facebook.


Sottocasa Pizzeria


Sottocasa is the number one pizza place on TripAdvisor and the reason to its success maybe lies on the fact that they use fine and organic ingredients as well as offering gluten-free and vegan options! If you are looking for traditional Italian pizza, this is the place! There is also a nice selection of wine and beer. Prices range from U$10 e U$19.

Harlem: 227 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10027.

Brooklyn: 298 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

-Check the official website for more info and details!

Pizza da SottoCasa Pizzeria.

Pizza da SottoCasa Pizzeria. | CRÉDITO: SottoCasa Pizzeria


NY Pizza Suprema


Great option if you are near Madison Square Garden. And some concert and game goers agree with this! You can choose from slice or pie, thin crust… There is no glamour but the pizza are worth the wait! Prices range from U$3.50 for a slice to U$24-31 for a pie.

Address: 413 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001.

– Click HERE for the official website!


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Fachada do NY Pizza Suprema.

Fachada do NY Pizza Suprema. | CRÉDITO: NY Pizza Suprema

Pizza NY Pizza Suprema.

Pizza NY Pizza Suprema. | CRÉDITO: NY Pizza Suprema


Joe’s Pizza


This one might be a little more popular and if you’ve seen the first Spider Man movie you might know why. Yes, that’s the pizzeria! It’s also a local and celebrity favorite, you will be able to see some cool photos hanging on the wall of them with the staff! There isn’t much seating available but just be patient or take it to go, there are benches nearby.

Address: 7 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014.

Click HERE to visit the official website!


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Joe's Pizza, a pizzaria do homem aranha

Joe’s Pizza, a pizzaria do homem aranha


Lil’ Frankie’s


Lil’ Frankie’s offers a generous menu that also includes pasta, meat, wines, etc. The price is a little higher (U$22 e U$33) than the other ones mentioned but worth it! Most customers also recommend the eggplant dish!

Address: 19 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003.

Click HERE for the official website

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Pizza do restaurante Lil’ Frankie’s

Pizza do restaurante Lil’ Frankie’s. | CRÉDITO: Lil’ Frankie’s Facebook




Located in the iconic Bushwick neighborhood! The atmosphere is also  nice and it is a good mix of Italian and New York style pizza!! Prices range from U$14 e U$21 per pie.

Address: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Click HERE for the official website!

Pizza tradicional da pizzaria Roberta’s

Roberta’s. | CREDIT Roberta’s website

Espaço interno da pizzaria Roberta's

Roberta’s. | CREDIT: Roberta’s website


Lombardi’s Pizza


Founded in 1905, Lombardi’s is known as the first pizzaria in the United States! And the decoration and atmosphere remind you of that and the location is great, right in the heart of Soho and Little Italy! Prices are a little higher than most places, start at  U$21.50 for 6 slices and it goes up to U$35 depending on the flavor!

Address: 32 Spring St, New York, NY 10012.

Click HERE for the official website!

Pizza da pizzaria Lombardi's.

Lombardi’s. | CREDIT: NY Eater



Artichoke Biselle’s Pizza


Yes, you read it right, it  Artichoke pizza! And even if you aren’t a huge artichoke fan, chances are you will be one of the people lining up outside every day for a slice! But they also serve other traditional flavors! There are different locations, but the West Village one is my favorite!

Address: Greenwich Village: 111 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012.

Click HERE for the official website!

Famosa pizza de alcachofra da pizzaria Artichoke

Artichoke pizza. | CRÉDIT: Eater SF


Prince Street Pizza


Whenever I’m in SoHo around lunch time, I will see a line of people outside excited for a slice of tone of the best pizzas in NYC. Once a mafia meeting spot, today the pizzaria became popular internationally for its squared rich pizzas. The most popular is the Spicy Square Pepperoni. Celebrities also love the spot and there are photos all over. Prices range from U$4-U$4

Address: 27 Prince St A, New York, NY 10012.

Click HERE for the official website!

Famosa pizza de pepperoni da Prince Street

Prince Street Pizza | CREDIT: Eater NY


Another favorite of mine?

Kesté, also in the West Village!  And Screamers Pizza for vegan pizza!


What is the best  U$1 pizza in Nova York?

There are so many U$1 pizza in NYC that can be overwhelming. But one that always works is Two Bros Pizza and  Percy’s. There are different locations.





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