7 places to buy electronics in NYC

7 places to buy electronics in NYC

You know how it works: we plan a trip to New York and we immediately start to think of all the shopping possibilities – that is, if you are not traveling on a tight budget. Provided that you are looking for a want (maybe the latest trendy gadget) or a need (your phone is terminally ill and living its last days on planet Earth), you should consider this catalogue with places to buy electronics in NYC.

However, bear in mind that some areas can be as much of tourist-friendly as of tourist traps. Avoid Times Square to buy tech products, they tend to be a rip off. In case you can’t wait or act on impulse, try to haggle for a better price or ask for a promotional gift.

By  Mariana (@thisismarianaguido) – http://www.marianaguido.com

B &H
Tech wonderland could be B&H ’s nickname. In a sea of Jewish people, you can find your most desired toy. My favorite part is how the shop works. It’s so big that it needs a whole different operating system. Go to the counter, order your stuff. Go to the cashier. Then magically, your product will be there. Okay, it’s not a trick. Still it is fun to see your purchase arrive from a sort of baggage claim. Even if you don’t get anything, it’s worth traveling just to experience this magic.
Location: 420 9th Ave, New York, NY, 10001

Now Amazon has a physical store in Herald Square, still it is more focused on selling books. However, you can buy things on the website and have your order shipped to the closest Amazon locker. It’s safe,
it’s fast, it’s convenient!
Location: 7 W 34th St, New York, NY, 10001 (and website)

P.C Richard & son
This family owned chain sells a variety of tech products such as computers, laptops, mobile phone accessories, streaming media players.
Not enough? It’s also a place to find video games, cameras, smart home goods. There are many locations all over the city.
Many locations.

Best Buy
Did you know that you can buy Apple products for a cheaper price in Best Buys? They are not refurbished or used. They are brand new, the only difference is that they consist of open-box or pre-owned products. Most likely they are intact because the owner gave up on the
purchase and returned it after a few days. Aside from phones, tables laptops and accessories, you can find drones, portable chargers, video games, car electronics, cameras, headsets, televisions and other home appliances.
Many locations.

Still under construction, the iconic glass cube should be back by the end of 2018. But it’s okay, the Apple Store is easy to find. Whether you’re willing to spend a lot of money or just want to see what the fuss is all about, you should visit the Apple Store. They provide free lessons on how to use the brand’s devices at work. Check their schedule at Apple Today and find a store that is conveniently located for you. You can even book a photography class that ends in a quite popular shooting location: Central Park!
Many locations.

Try to go to the biggest venues like the ones in East Harlem or Brooklyn. You will have better chance to find a variety of gadgets. While personal and household items tend to be inexpensive, electronic goods here are not exactly that cheap.
Many locations. Best addresses: 517 E 117th St #201, New York, NY,
10035   or 139 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

They buy, sell or trade in goods. Buy new or used cameras, computers, drones. You can also find musical instruments. Students have discounts! Speaking of learning, they offer photography classes or events that might be in your interest.
Location: 42 W 18St, New York, NY, 10011

It’s another option to find some gadgets and accessories. It can help you save money if you are looking for products that are not the latest generation. In spite of being packed with tourists, the downtown address is the biggest and the best.
Best location: 22 Cortland Street, New York, NY, 10007


By  Mariana (@thisismarianaguido) – http://www.marianaguido.com


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