What’s the best time to visit New York?

What’s the best time to visit New York?

What’s the best time to visit New York?

By  Mariana (@thisismarianaguido) – http://www.marianaguido.com

Fall is the greatest time of the year! And yes, I really meant to say F-A-L-L. Even though Manhattan might look amazing with some snowflakes and Christmas decorations, there’s quite nothing like this city from late September to early November. If you are planning to visit the Big Apple, do it soon. Autumn is just around the corner!

Here are five reasons why you should definitely come to New York as soon as summer ends:


1. The weather

Despite the fact that I’m a big fan of visiting New York in June or July, I have to admit that the heat and humidity might be too much of a deal breaker for most people. So pack your light jackets and cute sweaters, because fall represents mild temperatures and little rain – unlike these past summers that have been unpleasantly too wet and stormy


2. The people

School has already started, so kids are busy trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Tourists have gone back to their daily routine of hustling while missing their fun strolls in sunny NYC. So this means, less crowded streets and less time waiting at the cashiers and restaurant lines (important note: I don’t mean empty, because this is New York City, after all!).


3. The sales

And I’m not even talking about Black Friday! Plane tickets are cheaper, and so is almost everything else: hotels, stores and even broadway shows. Broadway week is that amazing moment when you can watch 2 performances for the price of 1. This year it starts on September 3rd and ends on the 16th.


4. The street markets

Bryant Park gets a whole new look with the holiday shops towards the end of October (this year the shopping village will open on the 27th) while Union Square also gets your own shops in November (15). Columbus Circle gets its own holiday market a bit later, on November 28th. That being said, it’s the best opportunity to buy some local goods and get a taste of what the city looks like at Christmastime!


5. The pictures

Finally, let’s talk about the leaves! I can’t get over how cute the trees look as soon as the season changes. Central Park, Washington Square and Prospect Park become much more charming with an array of yellow, orange and red shades. If you are planning to take great photographs to immortalize your new yorker experience, I promise that during that time every corner in this island has the potential to turn into the perfect shooting location! Extra tip: sunsets are early but to die for! Get a good camera or hire a professional to have the album of your dreams!