Take a look inside my Vegan Cuts box!

Take a look inside my Vegan Cuts box!


November went by so quickly but I took the time to register one of the happiest days of the season: the day when my Vegan Cuts box arrives! Seriously, what a treat it is to get home and open a box filled with everything vegan, from snacks to beauty products! So of course I wanted to share with you all and if you’re not a Vegan Cuts subscriber yet make sure to click HERE and order your first box or click HERE to check my October post with more details about the available plans (you can get them for under $20 a month!). So for today’s post I decided to share some of my favorite items in the box so far, starting with the The Neat Egg, which was a surprise to me! It’s an egg substitute and I’m dying to try it, seriouly, how easy and awesome is this?! I’ll have a big feast this Christmas and will let you guys know how it goes! If you tried it before, let me know how much you love it or what is your favorite recipe!


Another item that I loooved so much was the Kutoa Chocolate Expresso Bean. I’ll be buying more for sure! The chocolate bar is sooo delicious, it’s not like most dark chocolates bar that you even forget you’re eating chocolate due to bitterness. This one is gold, trust me! The Gain Organic Protein bar is also one of my favorite items in this box, I have such a busy and crazy life that is hard to have a decent meal during the day so everything that I can just pack to go is a must and this one is delicious and filled me up until it was time for dinner!


This month beauty bag also came with a nail art kit, which was a surprise! I love the design, not sure if it will match my personality but I loved it! I never even thought I would get something like that in the box, so it was very nice! I’m loving all the beauty products so far and so is my hair! Thank you Vegan Cuts! So this is it for today, I hope you guys liked it my top 3 favorites, I haven’t actually tried everything yet, but thought I would share some of my favorites so far! To become a Vegan Cuts subscriber click HERE! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @marthasachser and @blognyandabout!