Keeping a Natural Glow During Winter With EcoTan! (vegan)

Keeping a Natural Glow During Winter With EcoTan! (vegan)


Winter is coming. And It will be taking away all the natural glow and tan that we worked really hard to get during the short months of summer in New York City! But no need to worry, I recently tested the Winter Skin, a gradual tanning moisturizer by EcoTan, an Australian certified organic and vegan brand that delivers what it promisses without harming the environment or your body, and yes, it’s free of toxics!


The Winter Skin was also featured in Cosmo’s 2016 Beauty Awards lists, which made me even more excited to try! Overall I really liked the product and will be testing a lot more in the winter, but here is a picture of a before and after, minutes after applying the moisturizer.  I also got EcoTan‘s famous Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to use before the Winter Skin or on my regular beauty routine. Another thing about their products that I reeeally liked was the price! We’re tlking about a cruelty free and certified organic product, you can’t go wrong with it! To see more of their products make sure to check their website here! I hope you enjoyed and if you want more NY tips my instagram is @marthasachser or @blognyandabout. See you next time!



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