The beauty of Kauai – Part 1

The beauty of Kauai – Part 1


Kauai is in my opinion one of the most enchanting islands of Hawaii. The garden island – I think you’ll get the name by looking at the pictures- was the last stop on our trip to 4 of the 8 Hawaiian islands. The smallest of all 4, considered the wettest spot on the planet and not very inhabited as its neighbor Oahu, Kauai’s beauty and nature seemed to be taken straight out of movies. It seemed not, the island was avtually  the background of several ones, check the list HERE! We stayed on Kauai for about five days, enough to explore each corner and start to feel like home. So for this post I just wanted to share the diversity of the island in terms of climates and scenery, it was something that fascinated me! It was sunny and out of nowhere, it would start raining!


We stayed in an apartment near the airport, in an area with easy access to both sides of the island and many restaurants and shops. As we opted for a private apartment rather than hotel, we felt like locals, we were cooking whenever possible, went to the supermarket and even attended the neighborhood’s gym! Anyway,  I’m sure you will love! In the  winter time the waves are crazy and we couldn’t really swim everywhere like Oahu and Maui. There weren’t many options, especially due to the weather.Which means we ended up not going to the  Napali Coast sunset boat tour, but we went to the South Shore and it was beautiful, we saw enough  dolphins and whales for the rest of our lives! Just kidding! Make sure to check it out, Capt. Andy’s tours are the best on the island and it was the highlight of my days there, nothing makes me happier than seeing animals living their lives in freedom! Mahalo for reading and see you next time!