How to lose weight drinking tea!

How to lose weight drinking tea!


I’ll be honest, I was never a big fan of tea. Then you added to that the word “detox”, and I’d run away! But recently I came accross  the teami on some Instagram profiles I follow as well as on Facebook, so I decided to try, as they promise wonderful results without starving yourself. Some of the benefits include: Boost your metabolism, start burning stored fat, calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness, naturally raise energy levels, detox your internal organs, reduce bloating, improve skin complexion, flush out harsh toxins, fix digestive issues. A lot of people asked me on my instagram and  Snapchat if the tea really  works, so I decided to write this post to share with you a little bit more about the 30 day detox I’m doing!  The teas come exactly as you see in the pictures, with a guide for you to mark your progress and supply for a month of detox. I started taking it a week ago and have already seen results, especially in my energy level, I was always very sleepy or tired during the day, now it’s pretty much gone! My digestion has also improved and bloating was reduced. The colon tea was reaaally effective too, but I recommend drinking it when you know you’re going to stay home the next day, It reeeeeally cleans toxins from your body, if you know what I mean. The teas are all natural, so nothing bad goes in it!


If you want to try it too, I got a special discount for you guys, just type  MARTHANY before checking outfor a 10% off. I’m doing the 30-day detox  and it comes with the skinny and the colon tea, both taste okay, I didn’t need to add lemon, honey or anything. You can also buy your kit HERE and don’t forget my code for discount! By the way, their website is full of healthy and lifestyle tips, I can spend hours reading and watching the videos!  Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to leave them below, I’d love to share more of this healthy life with you! And tell me if you are also loving your tea!