5 Things To Do This Weekend in NYC

5 Things To Do This Weekend in NYC

Weekend is  coming up and there are many optionsto enjoy it to the fullest! I selected here a few that I guarantee you will like but make sure to click HERE and check the tips for last weekend, you still have plenty of time to enjoy them! And for more New York tips, make sure to follow me on instagram (@marthasachser), Snapchat (marthanewyork) and to subscribe to me YouTube channel clicking  HERE! Have fun!



Bright Star- The Musical

This is the newest Broadway musical written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. The story is set in the Blue Ridge Mountain, North Carolina between the years 1923 and 1945 when Billy Cane, a young soldier comes back home after fighting in World War II. Chasing his dreams he meets Alice Murphy, a brilliant editor of a literary journal. During the plot they will discover a secret that changes their lives. The show is really fun, cheerful and with a repertoire of music that makes you want to buy the CD to listen to it all again the next day. Tickets from $ 45 in the Broadway site by clicking HERE!



Franchia Vegan Cafe

Forget everything you think about vegan food! The Franchia Vegan Cafe brings the best of Asian cuisine in delicious dishes, full of flavor and beautifully presented. It was hard to choose what to order, I felt like the options were endless so I trusted our waiter who came up with incredible dishes! And of course I photographed everything to share with you! The atmosphere is super nice, very quiet and perfect for a dinner with friends or even a date. I also enjoyed the service, everyone was really attentive and polite. To check the menu, click here! They also have plenty of gluten free, drinks, teas, tapas and amazing vegan sushi options plus a pre fixe menu ($ 35 per person)! The Franchia is located at 12 Park Ave (between 34th and 35th streets).



Decibel, um Sake Bar no East Village

This underground bar with about 100 varieties of the finest sakes from Japan in an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else! When I was standing outside I had no idea I would find such a cool bar that would make me forget I was in New York! But if you did not drink alcohol like me, do not worry, there is finger food, I ended up ordering  green tea ice cream ($ 5), which I love. The other cool thing to do is writing on the wall and on the ceiling! Yes !! I did it and if you’re there,  try to find it if you can! The bar is very dark and plays good music, but it’s ideal for small talk in the end of the day, to try different drinks. It is very quiet and I saw many young and Japanese speakers, so I was basically in paradise! Well worth the visit! The address for Decibel is 240 East 9th Street, New York, NY! 240 East 9th Street, New York, NY!



Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This Sunday we celebrate the 41st edition of the Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The celebrations begin at 9 am with a Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Church and at 1pm the parade starts from Prospect Park West. It also honors the victims of 9/11.  History and culture for the whole family. For more information the official show site is this HERE!



Holi In The City

Fun Saturday with Holi in The City, an Indian festival held annually in various places around the world! The party is super fun, colorful, with great music, drinks, food and amazing DJs on Stage 48! The Holi In The City happens on Saturday the 19th and on the 26th. Tickets are almost sold out, you can get yours HERE! I recommend wearing white and return home all covered in colors! The festival celebrates the joy of friendship, equality for all and of course the arrival of spring. For more information click here!


And for more New York tips, make sure to follow me on instagram (@marthasachser), Snapchat (marthanewyork) and to subscribe to me YouTube channel clicking  HERE! Have fun!