In vegan paradise: Delicious Lunch At By Chloe!

In vegan paradise: Delicious Lunch At By Chloe!


Very long lines, you’re counting the minutes to order and you must wait for a table: that’s the everyday reality of those (like myself), who want to try the deliciousness of By Chloe, currently the most popular vegan restaurant, located in West Village! I’ve talked about it HERE !

F64A3549Despite having opened in the summer of 2015, it is still widely talked about, thank you very much. Rumor has it that in order to have a meal there without any “struggles”, you’d have to arrive there before it opens. I obviously didn’t follow that advice and joined the dozens of people who were standing outside (in the cold) waiting to get inside and order.


Was it worth it? Heck yes! I know a thousand places that offer some vegan dishes or even some that are specialized in veganism but at By Chloe you have such a great variety of dishes, you might have to go there some several times before you’ve tried everything on the menu!


Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, salads, sandwiches, ice-cream, juices, smoothies, hot dishes and a variety of options from breakfast to lunch, all deliciously cooked with organic, vegetable-based ingredients.


The prices are pretty reasonable, close to “traditional” restaurants. We ordered a cookie a bowl of fruits and oatmeal, lemonade, a meatball sandwich with pesto sauce and sweet potato fries. It all cost U$25. The best part was Ryu’s grading: 9.5! He didn’t give it a 10 due to the time we spent waiting in line.


I was happy to try it and please: feed yourselves before going, dress up warmly and avoid the rush hours. Those are things that can make your experience a little less pleasant. Other than that, bon appetite! By Chloe is at 185 Becker Street, New York, NYC. Click HERE to check the official website!