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Christmas time at Disneyland Paris

If you’ve been following me on instagram you might know that we just got back from our 2 week trip to Europe with Serena (my almost 2 years old daughter) and I’m sooo happy that we had an amazing experience! Don’t get me wrong, it was tiring, her schedule was all over the place, she […]

How to Throw a Vegan Party in NYC!

Serena turned one!! I can’t believe I’m writing this my friends…It was such an amazing ride, the best and the hardest year of my life for sure! Celebrating her life was so important to me and I really wanted to make something cute, she only turns 1 once so I thought about a theme, the […]

Weekend in Columbus – What to See and Do

This past weekend we escaped NYC for a nice family trip to Columbus, Ohio – which was voted one of the top 10 domestic destinations by the Travel Channel in 2020.Our flight was less than 80 minutes long but if we were to drive, 8 hours is the average time from NYC. This was my […]

4 Holiday Markets you shouldn’t miss in NYC!

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you probably know Christmas in one of my favorite times of  the year in NYC. During the season, the city becomes a holiday movie scenario and prides itself on the beautiful lights, Christmas trees, decorations and markets that grow more and more impressive as winter approaches. […]

Best winter activities and attractions for kids in NYC

If you are looking for the best things to do in the winter in NYC with kids, this post is for you! I know a  lot of parents worry that a trip to NYC might be too exhausting and boring to their kids. Well, the exhausting part  can be true and it also applies to […]

12 things to do and places to visit in Alaska

In 2016, I had the pleasure of exploring the dream destination of many fellow travelers, Alaska. And as soon as I arrived, I understood why: it’s absolutely gorgeous! From glaciers and national parks to mountains and a diverse wildlife, Alaska certainly exceeded my expectations. And since my mom and I recently visited the state again, […]

3 Days in Montreal – Itinerary, restaurants and more!

May was such a busy month for me but I’m glad I was able to escape to Canada and spend 3 beautiful days in Montreal with HI Montreal, which is part of Hostelling International Canada, with more than 50 hostels in Canada! So today I’m sharing our itinerary and my experience staying at the hostel! I also […]

8 Places to Have Brunch in NYC!

Every weekend, restaurants are packed around midday… You’d be mistaken to think that’s due to lunchtime with its typical dishes like pasta, beef, salad… Weekends are brunch days, that is, a hearty breakfast with pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, potatoes, eggs cooked in every possible way, and, of course, mimosas and other traditional beverages. Brunch gathers friends […]

My favorite baby and toddler items – the ones that were a game changer for us!

When I was pregnant I wondered what were the best newborn and infant essentials in the market. And to find the answer I watched SO MANY Youtube videos and read countless blog posts. Now that Serena just turned 7 months and after many trials and errors, I feel like I can now share some of […]

Is Lovevery subscription worth the price? – My Review of the Lovevery Box!

One of the things I wondered as a new mom was how to find the right toys for Serena. There are so many options in the market that trying to make a conscious and (as much as possible) eco-friendly decision was a challenge. Then one day I read in a mom’s group how great Lovevery […]

7 Places to celebrate NYE in the US!

I originally wrote this list in 2016 when I was celebrating almost 10 years since I first moved to this country that isn’t my own but that welcomed me as if I had always been part of it. in 2020 I’ve spent 13 New Year’s Eves in the US and collected so many memories and […]

The Best vegan restaurants in New York City!

You know I am always exploring different vegan spots in the city and sharing my favorite ones on instagram  but since information disappears on social media, I decided to write a blog post so all my favorite places can live here forever! I can probably make a TOP 30 Vegan restaurants in NYC and this […]

Our experience on the hot tub boat tour in New York City!

You know I LOVE boat tours in NYC, seeing the Manhattan skyline from the Hudson or East River is pure magic and it never gets old, even though I’ve been living here for over 10 years, I will always say yes to this kind of experience. I’ve talked about a bunch of them on the […]

23 Budget friendly hotels in New York City

Booking the perfect hotel here in NY can be challenging. The price you pay for a 4 star hotel in Las Vegas might get you an outdated room with not so comfy pillows in the city that never sleeps. That’s why I asked many of you on Instagram to share your experiences and came up with this list […]

The best NYC Guide – NY & About – by Martha Sachser

Planning a perfect trip to NYC takes time and effort. With so much to see, things to do, amazing restaurants and unique shops – and the fact that this isn’t a cheap destination – a little or a big help is more than welcome!

My Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal – small nursery ideas

For a long time I wasn’t sure if Serena would have her own room or if I was gonna share my office space with her crib and call it a nursery-office during the day. Let me tell you, living in a small NYC apartment makes me question the space we have so much. Also, I […]

Staycation in NYC – Our stay at the Williamsburg Hotel

Even though I’ve been living in NYC for 10 years, I believe I will forever  feel like a tourist here. I’m always amazed by this beautiful city and all It has to offer.  But packing my bag for a weekend away in Brooklyn was a whole new level! Ryu and I took a much needed […]


It’s no surprise that New York is one of the most instagrammable cities in the world! It is full of cool places to photograph, including many restaurants and cafes. Nowadays, it doesn’t cut it to only serve good food, businesses must also create something that will stand out from the many, many options NYC offers… And […]

Summer in NYC: What to do on Governors Island

Have you ever heard of Governors Island? This small uninhabited island, which was once a military base, is located 5 minutes away from Manhattan (by ferry) and attracts thousands of people in the summer. Despite not being most tourists’ dream destination, it’s a wonderful place full of attractions and fun activities for everyone in the […]


Did you know? Staten Island is one of the largest boroughs in NYC and the farthest one away from Manhattan. Connected to both Brooklyn and New Jersey, the island is not much  explored by tourists, in spite of its many cultural and historical attractions. Because of its small resident population, this region is full of […]