Cafe Frida: The Mexican restaurant that “veganized” the menu!

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Last week Ryu and I went to Cafe Frida, a traditional Mexican restaurant located in the Upper West Side that recently veganized their menu, which means, they kept the original one but added a new one using only ingredients free of animal products.

And yes, Cafe Frida is a traditional  mexican restaurant that is now serving vegan options that go beyond the usual guacamole and nachos (which by the way was the best guacamole I’ve ever had in NYC!) but they also serve tacos, quesadillas, mexican grilled corn and even queso fundido ( this one was highly recommended and it was good, but not my favorite!)! I’m more of a taco girl, so their fish and chicken vegan tacos were to die for! For dessert we had the raspberry sorbet, which is dairy free. I can’t really talk about the other non-vegan options because even Ryu only ate from the vegan menu and was suuuper happy about it.

The atmosphere inside Cafe Frida was just perfect. I felt super welcome, the place was filled with laughs and mexican hospitality, good music and happy customers! And the service was great, from the hostess to the manager, who came talk to us and explain how successful the vegan menu is! My experience was soo good, the prices were okay (click HERE to check their menu)  and here are some of the photos I took to share with you! Curious to see and try for yourself? Make sure to stop by any evening for great food, drinks and some mexican hospitality! Cafe Frida is located at 368 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY! 

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