Bear Lake: A beautiful surprise in Idaho

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On my first trip to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana I was lucky to find places along the way that weren’t in the original itinerary. I say ‘lucky’ because it’s always a good thing when you are not expecting anything and then life surprises you with gorgeous locations, breathtaking views and nice people! One of them was Bear Lake, a beautiful lake, right on the border of Idaho and Utah and that I had never heard of prior to that moment. Oh, the magic of traveling without planning the trip…it does make you speechless and it does turn you into a storyteller after all!

F64A1234Wanna know what happened? Our car got stuck in the terrible mud, we, 4 girls, were not enough to move the car so some really strong guys came to the rescue. We were also late for all the water activities and rides they offer (such as water trampolines, jet ski, banana boat, etc)… so the only thing left to do was to jump in the water  and have some fun! The lake had this beautiful color that at times would be the most gorgeous shade of blue and at times a perfect green turquoise! The weather and the water were warm enough, with some small waves and a gorgeous view. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Bear Lake, one of the best surprises of Idaho! From there, we kept driving towards Salt Lake City and were blessed with an amazing sunset and a super moon! What a day America! To follow more of my adventures in the US, my instagram is @marthasachser and @the50statesgirl! See you soon!


On our way to the lake. We also got pulled over by the police for going 35mph on a 25mph road. The speed limit changes a lot around there, so be safe.










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